Heart speaks by Dada Vimaleshananda


— A course on Goodness —

I wish to teach a course for inspiring to be Good.

I would take example from the Baker that with the help of the wood fire prepares only good things.

I would take example from the Laundress that clean everything without making distinction from one dirt or another

I would take example from the Beggar that accept everything with a blessing

I would take example from the Dreamer that have never stop to believe in a world made of love.

— The most important thing —

It is a painting that you have never finished

It is a memory that You have never forgotten

It is the action that you do today without thinking tomorrow

It is to thanks at every breath

It is your heart simple and pure

It is to make waiting sweet,

to make the silence sweet,

to make the lonliness sweet,

and even the pain sweet

It is to let it go in the wind at open eyes

It is to start walking towards the Goal

To know that your destiny is Divine

and there is nothing in the world

that can stop you. Because the Goal is close

still more close.

It is right in your heart.

Don’t forget it.

— A word painting —

I don’t know why I like more to write than to talk

Sometimes I listen but I don’t reply.

It is in writing that I free the will. After I am happy.

When I talk there is always an answer and I am frightened

by the dialog beacause I don’t know when it ends.

But when I write I don’t get lost. I own my thoughts

and I am not afraid to offer them.

It is in this way that I paint with ever new colors.

I don’t look for the meaning.

Only a mirror of my soul.

— The biggest problem —

It is that people can’t appreciate freedom.

Freedom to think. Freedom to talk. Freedom to be happy and to sing

Freedom to see such a wonderful world.

Freedom to be happy even without anything.

Freedom to create and to destroy all the dreams that we want.

Freedom to write the joy and even the pain.

Freedom to love without knowing why.

Freedom to draw a reality that moves and does not let you catch it.

Freedom to make rules and prisons. Freedom to live in it and finally freedom to change them and make merry.