How to keep the mind pure?


This is a spiritual question that has been answered by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti in a very simple and practical way:

“The spirit of shaoca is to keep the mind pure and the body clean. How can the mind be kept pure? There is an external way and an internal way. What is the external way? People are normally totally preoccupied with thoughts about their immediate environment. If people do good deeds in their environment, good thoughts will occur in their minds whenever they rest. Conversely, those who always harm others, will think about doing more harm or committing more crimes in their leisure time. So the first and foremost method for keeping the mind pure is to engage oneself in virtuous deeds. “Kuru puńyamahorátram”. That is, do virtuous deeds night and day.

And what is the internal way? The internal way is to look towards one’s goal, one “abhiiśt́a” (or in Saḿskrta, one’s “shrat”). The spirit of the Saḿskrta root verb “dhá” is to lead the mind towards “shrat”. So “shrat” + “dhá” = “shraddhá”.

So externally there should be selfless social service, and internally there should be shraddhá. In these two ways the mind is compelled to remain pure.”
Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

It is interesting to compare it with the same question answered by Albert Swartz.

So Karma Yoga without loosing the spiritual goal from sight – Iishvara. A pure mind cost effort and selfless effort kept with the ideation of the Lord makes the mind pure. It is a simple recipe. There is no space for idleness. A stagnant pool harbors disease. The water should flow in order to remain pure.

Among the many compositions of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti called Prabhat Samgiita we found one that starts with the line:

“I bloomed as a thorn on the stem of Your lotus …

The lotus flower is associated with purity as it grows in the mud but it is not touched by it. So purity remains in our mind even when we are bound to get in touch with the dusty earth in the act of service. In the teachings of Shiva we find:

“Even while sitting on the dusty earth, in the midst of the multitude of finite things, one’s mind may be imprinted with the colour of the Infinite – one may become possessed by the Infinite.” (quoted from Shivopadesha 1 – Shrii Shrii Anandamurti – 25 June 1982, Patna)

In “A Guide to Human Conduct” by Shrii Shrii AnandamurtI we find:

“Mental purity helps particularly in keeping a person healthy. Impure thoughts increase the acidity of the blood and invite disorders of the stomach, heart and brain. That is why every human being should make a strong as habit as possible of selfless service and Iishvara Prańidhána (meditation). The best way to attain mental purity is to follow the principles of Yama and Niyama.”

Selfless service can be rendered in so many different ways. In Ananda Marga there is a department dedicated to universal relief which is particularly active in the island of Haiti. Many volunteers from all the world participates to the service activities of AMURT and AMURTEL . In the video this is how the celebrate on the last day of their visit: