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News from Ananda Nagar Yoga Wellness Center

My dear sisters and brothers,

Namaskar! I feel real pleasure as the images of you all float through my mind –each with whom I have a special and unique relationship. How fortunate I am to have you for friends!
And fortunate for the help many of you have given– so that the Yoga Wellness Center in Ananda Nagar, India has now opened. To think that in one of the most spiritual places in the world we finally have our own naturopathic healing center, already getting excellent results – well, simply speaking, it’s exhilarating.

Some of you are planning to come for health purpose or spiritual upliftment, or more commonly, both. And you’ll get it.
In April, exactly as planned, a number of patients stayed in the Center and benefited from our initial on-the-job training for staff. Since then some of the staff have given introductory talks in numerous locations in and around Ananda Nagar.

As a result we have had more patients – both poor and not-so-poor –with more excellent results. These included helping a chronically emaciated person to gain healthy weight, overcoming high blood sugar, eliminating severe skin disease, relieving various types of severe chronic body pain, enabling the overweight to lose some kilograms, overcoming degenerative nerve disorder, and more.
Brother Nirainjan (of the UK) has been helping enormously; he wears many hats there, not only as a fantastic chef, but also as a therapist. Besides the assisting Dadas, all the other 5 fulltime staff are from the local area, including manager Dayal.

Everyone is welcome to come as a patient, no matter what belief, group etc. The Center is a hive of spiritual unity.
I will probably be there 3 more times this year. Next will be in August, then October/early Nov, and finally in December. If you are considering coming, please let me know ASAP before I irrevocably fix my airplane reservations. Even if you are not sure, have not decided, if it’s just a possibility, please let me know. This is important for planning.

At the same time, though almost everything is set up, some of you asked for clarification about any help we still need.

First, if any person is skilled in gardening, construction, therapy, office work, music, or art– or just has a strong desire to help – we will gladly consider your application to come as a volunteer.

Second, we still have financial need, although it is now only about U$15,000. Before opening, our need was substantially more, and fortunately some donations came to enable us to open with minimal (though beautiful) facilities.
For example, we still need a diesel generator, the physical set-up of our solar energy (we already have main elements), a large capacity solar water heater (especially in winter time this will be very much needed), some of the basic running and  staff expenses until we are completely self-sufficient, establishment of an extensive vegetable garden which is adaptable to both very dry and very wet seasons (still seeking the appropriate knowledge/system for this).

If you would like to donate, please let me know, and I will email you the best easy system for doing so.
If you are only able to give something in the future, please email me regarding when that will be, so that for now i can take a loan from another account of exactly the amount that you are happy to pledge.

We welcome your advice, your questions, or any other involvement. And of course we welcome you to come!

Yours brotherly,
Dada Dharmavedananda

Some inspirational stories:


Mainju is from a poor local village. Suffering from a motor neuro degenerative disorder her body continuously shaking, she had little control over her general movement. Months of medicine were useless. Doctors said her condition would continue to deteriorate until she would be   paralyzed like her father, and that nothing could help her. After 16 days with us her shaking stopped, she had no dizziness and body control had vastly improved. Her family were ecstatic to see how her health and mental state had improved. Now at home Mainju continues to improve because of her new lifestyle.

Dada Navarunananda before and after 3 weeks of therapy:


Similarly, Dada’s arms and some other parts of his body were badly affected before treatment while after treatment they showed immense improvement. And of course this without any dependency on medicine.


Our leaflet for Ananda Nagar Yoga Wellness Center:


How to get to Ananda Nagar.

Take the train from either Kolkata or New Delhi to Bokaro, from there get a train to Pundag, West Bengal. This is a local train that takes about 15min (17km)
bd545196-d12f-4c93-adac-1addb750318bWhen I’m travelling outside Philippines, Tel +63 915 4049321 this number is only for text messages.
Ananda Nagar Numbers:
+91 7864 044 128
+91 9547 617 522
+91 9102 300 288