Kashi Purodha’ Maha’ Sabha’


Of Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha Successfully Convened


Twenty-one Purodhas assembled in Prashiksan Math Varanasi from October 18-24 to attend the first Purodha Refresher Course organized by the Central Board of Purodhas.

The unique gathering has set an excellent initiative which can be emulated for other Wholetime workers of Ananda Marga, by other Boards namely Avadhuta, Acarya and Tattvika.

At the outset, participants were reminded by Rev. PP Dada to discard feelings of rank and posting for this gathering. Its main purpose was to strengthen and deepen the Purodhas’ understanding and practical application of the subtle lessons of Vishesh Yoga, do maximum sadhana and come out as one, united force efficient enough to give a boost to His Mission.

The gradual transformation that slowly emerged within the participants over the period resulted in a closer unity, team spirit, coordinated cooperation and mutual respect.

Careful consideration was given with respect to the various aspects of the 7 day retreat. Food items were light and useful for spiritual sadhana. Routine was relaxed with ample scope for deep introversion practice. Morning and afternoon sharing sessions provided a lot of time to thoroughly delve into the subtle details of the Vishesh Yoga lessons resulting in lively, respectful interactions full of useful insights contributed by all of the participants. Madhur Sadhana was a regular feature of night meditation which boosted psycho-spiritual energy and brought the participants much closer together as a spiritual family. Pleasant weather of autumn supported spiritual practice. The loving care of the trainees as taught to them by GTS and CTS in preparing and serving the food to their guests created the ideal backdrop for the creation of the positive microvita that was felt as an all pervading presence as the days proceeded. Knotty organizational issues were replaced by intricate explanations of the symbols and techniques scattered throughout the Vishesh yoga lessons as purodhas seriously focused on developing the spiritual aspects of their life.

Prashikan Math is situated in a remote area outside of Varanasi which enabled participants to sing Baba Nam Kevalam with full throated devotion while remaining in deep introspection within the silence of the surrounding atmosphere.

The end result of the refresher course produced the name, Kashi Purodha Maha Sabha. It is anticipated that this type of gathering will occur as often as is needed so that Purodhas may constantly upgrade their standards and exhibit the leadership which is expected of them by the Ananda Marga society. It has created a new momentum that will encourage the other Boards of the Marga to arrange similar gatherings for WT workers, Grhii Acaryas and Tattvikas to allow them to focus exclusively on their spiritual lessons—the transformational keys to a new leadership on Earth which Baba wants to create through Ananda Marga.


Ac. Nirmohananda Avadhuta

Central Public Relations Secretary

AMPS Central

Camp at Varanasi