Kiirtan Forever


Listening to Baba Nam Kevalam is a very good relaxing activity. Kiirtan has so many benefits that it is quite impossible to list them all.

Singing and dancing kiirtan is superior to just listening. It is a spiritual boon and miracles happen wherever a few people assemble together with the sole purpose to sing and dance unmindfully Baba Nam Kevalam universal mantra.

But to make Kiirtans it is even better and those who endeavor to make more and more new Kiirtans enlighten the path of spirituality for all the people to come.

With this spirit a new band has been created on BANDCAMP.COM , the known platform for music artists on the web. Four albums are already available and among them we mention particularly the new double CD of Krsna recorded in Hyderabad supporting the Adoni Children Home in India. The CD is a fundraiser for a project that need help and support from all.

“KRISHNA CD 18 TRACKS IS 2 CD’S ARE COMPLIED IN ONE CD ARE BABA NAM KEVALAM TUNES MADE IN STUDIO HYDERABAD .Krishna has donated her talent to AM-CHAI-Ananda Marga Children Home for Girls, in ADONI is like 2nd Bombay, half hour to Great Saint Raghavendara Swamy in MANTRALAYA. Andhra Pradesh.

Slide Show 45 Minutes of Social Service in India and Abroad photos; CHILDREN HOME ADONI -INDIA FOR GIRLS

Baba’s Grace, VSS, LFT. Ragu Das, 408-431-6966, Skype ID=ragujee”