Kiirtan Retreat 2015


Kiirtana touches the core of the human heart. Followers of most religions do kiirtana. The only reason for such large scale popularity of kiirtana is that it arouses the soft spiritual sentiments in a person. Behind kiirtana is blissful ideation. This ideation blossoms into full flower the soft feelings of the human heart lying so far in bud form. Kiirtana awakens the human feelings and transports a person into great bliss. Kiirtana fills one’s life and satisfies all wants.

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

Join Sukhadeva and Sojha for an inspiring weekend of Kirtan. For those who don’t know, kirtan is a type of spiritual practice that joins mantra, meditation and music. This weekend will focus solely on the sacred mantra Baba Nam Kevalam. The meaning is “Only that feeling of Divine love!” By singing and dancing to this mantra we immerse ourselves in a positive vibration.