Kiirtana Retreat at Ananda Girisuta (Prama Institute), Asheville, NC


Around 70 Margiis and Acaryas came together on the weekend November 20 – 22 at Ananda Girisuta for a program dedicated to Kiirtana and Sadhana (devotional mantra music and meditation). The event started afternoon Friday Nov. 20 with one hour Kiirtana followed by Dharma Cakra and a long Avarta Kiirtana after dinner. Members of the SOJA Kiirtana Team had come from Canada, Norway and USA to lead the Kiirtana during the retreat.


Saturday was the main day with Akhanda Kiirtana in the morning and afternoon and Sunday morning started with Akhanda Kiirtana followed by the Revolutionary Marriage of brother Jiivanmukta and sister Sonalii. Their relatives joined in for the wedding – some coming from far distance to attend the event. During the weekend everyone had the chance to enjoy the subtle vibrations of the Kiirtana and go deep in meditation. The quiet and beautiful environment of Ananda Girisuta contributed to the overall positive experience of the participants. Food and accommodation was taken care of by the staff of Prama and was both tasty and nurturing physical and mental health and balance. This was the second time this event was held and it will continue on annual basis.