Mass Feeding held on 2nd December 2012 at Anandanagar


Baba Nam Kevalam

Dear All Namaskar!

Here are some photographs taken of our Mass Feeding held on 2nd December 2012 at Anandanagar. The Grand son of Late Sri Raghunandan Singh Dev the king of Garh Joyapore who gifted 500 acres of land to Ananda Marga Sri Shankar Narayan Singh Deo along with his wife and daughter visited our AMURT Bhavan during Medical Camp. After he went to inaugurate the one month program at Kiirtan Mandapam along with his family. After inauguration of our one month Kiitana he went to see our Dam and left for his home.
AMURT Bhavan’s Boundary Walls from two sides are being constructed will be completed within three days.
AMURT’s Courtyard will also be completed within same time.

Preparation of AMURT/AMURTEL Souvenir and colander will be out shortly by HIS Grace. Your help and cooperation is very much needed.
Distribution of blankets on 1st January 2013 to poor tribal around Anandanagar is underway.
With My best wishes and regards to you all again. Wishing you all Happy, prosperous peaceful blissful and healthy life for all in 2013.

In HIM Alone,

Acarya Ramananda Avadhuta
Central AMURT Secretary, AMURT Bhavan ,Ananda Nagar
Post-Baglata, District Purulia, W.B., INDIA
Email: Tel (Mobile): +91 9334002238