Monterrey Mexico – More Exemplary Service


On 26 of April, ANVRIDN – volunteer organization from Monterrey, Mexico, held its yearly charity event. ANVRIDN was established by brother Phanindra. His aim was to donate wheel chairs to the motor disabled, who can’t afford to buy them. Phanindra started in 2003, by donating 2 wheel chairs. Since then, the organization have grown, brother Ramesh joined, and other local supporters as well.

In this year event, 77 wheel chairs were donated, and many more crouches and other walking aids. A total of 166 people got an aid donated to them, according to their need. During the year, the organization is lending the aids to those in needs, and once or twice a year, a big event is held, where new aids are donated to the most needing. The money with which the wheel chairs are bought with, comes from little donation boxes, scattered around the city. It is a combined effort of many people.

More than 250 people attended this year program. The president Phanindra, brother Ramesh, Didis and Dadas and representatives of civil and government agencies, were all there, celebrating this special day. Brother Phanindra initiative is an inspiration to Monterrey community and to us all. It is a good example how with only a good will and determination, one can have a humble beginning, and eventually, help and affect a whole community.

Didi Kusum relates the following incident happened during the event:

The little girl on the wheel chair with me and Dada Cirananda was the first person which I gave the wheel chair. When the mother helped her to sit in, the little girl turned to me and told all in a wonder – Is it for me?? Then as soon as she understood that it was her own she started pushing the wheels and running around the hall .. we could not stop her! Then one person put the brakes to the wheels and she started crying and shouting in despair … then they removed the brakes and she was once agin happy pushing the wheel chair. What an thrill! Her happiness was with me for the whole day …