New Era Music Symposium


Namaskar to all,

We celebrated Prabha’ta Sam’giita Day on Sep. 13th and 14th, 2015. This was so pleased that celebration went very well. And it was most certainly due to all excellent participants, including donors, host, speakers, performers and audience. I’d like to express my deepest gratitude to all of you. Thank you so much.

This was the first time we promoted Prabha’ta Sam’giita program in public on Sep. 13th in National Taiwan University. This promoting program was named New Era Music Symposium, included 2 lectures by Dada Shiilabhadrananda and Acarya Liila’ and 8 songs of Prabha’ta Sam’giita singing by RAWA Taipei Wenshan Unit, Didi Ananda Shivanii, Didi Ananda Vidya, Acarya Liila’, Carushiila, Candra Prakash, SS Dada Shubhaniryasananda, Uma Shankar, RAWA Taipei Zhongxiao Unit and Cittarainjan.

In the beginning of preparing this program, some margiis thought Prabha’ta Sam’giita aren’t like popular music, so it must be very difficult to get people interested in joining this program. Indeed, two weeks before the program, there were less than 10 people have signed up. Fortunately, in the efforts of volunteers and Baba’s grace, there were about 100 people attended this program on Sep. 13th in National Taiwan University.

We were very glad to see the bright and delight of smiling on everyone’s face. Some people gave feedback to us. As we knew, one of non-margiis was touched by the performance, then registered the class of yoga meditation. One margii said she knew most performers are amateur. She didn’t expect to see the wonderful performance, so she planned to do her work on the scene. But her eyes and ears were attracted by the performance, she had to put her work aside and watched the performance intently.

Some margiis who attended program on Sep. 13th continuously joined 6- hours Akhanda Prabha’ta Sam’giita singing on Sep. 14th in Taipei Jagrti. The vibrations of light and delight which appeared on Sep. 13th were continued on Sep. 14th. The celebration of Prabha’ta Sam’giita Day this year was very successful. We appreciated all the participants so much. We select some photos and make one film of “New Era Music Symposium”, please you click the below link to see and enjoy it.

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