New York Sector – News Flash – August 2012


New York – The celebrations for Shravani Purnima were conducted in New York Sector with among all a significant 3 hours Akhanda Kiirtan in New York – Corona Center. Ac. Iishvarakrsnananda Avt. reported the attendance of several margi including 6 children. Margi joined the program from several places near the New York area and the children had the best of all.

Dallas – Shra’van’ii Pu’rn’ma’ celebrated in Dallas Jagrti joyously with Ma’rgiis, including new ones, with plans and efforts for seva, supporting projects, DC and collective meal.

Acharyas Shubhacetana’nanda and Advaya’nanda participated in many Student Orientation Club Fairs at University of N. Texas where many new students with their parents visited our booth displaying our literature on spiritual philosophy & PROUT. Many signed up for our weekly Yoga-Meditation-philosophy classes. Same classes also continuing regularly at Dallas area universities and colleges with good attendance, also at the Addictions Recovery Center where ex-addicts (alcohol, drugs) struggling to recover are benefitted.

Dallas Unit Ma’rgiis accompanied our WT A’ca’ryas to visit many local area shops, small businesses to find sponsors for our upcoming Walk-A-Thon to support our PROUT service projects.

Prof. Ravi Batra, and Dr. Susmit Kuma’r, our senior PROUTists, had articles, media interviews, and professional conference paper presentations amidst the worsening global economic crisis, mentioning and crediting their analyses to Shrii Prabha’t Rainjan Sarkar, propounder of PROUT wherever possible.

Ananda Kanan – As the Sector is gripping in the merciless hot weather in Ananda Kanan Ac. Jiivapremananda AVt. and Brother Sudhiira loaded buckets of water in order to rescue some of the valuable plants that were suffering for the drought. Two horses have also entered the boundaries of our Master Unit, most probably looking for water as the nearby ponds are all dried up.

In Milano – Italy Ac. Vimaleshananda Avt. took the initiative to start a food distribution program. The warm and sentimental people of this town immediately came to help Dada in his humanitarian endeavor. Children and shop keepers offered a bicycle to be used for deliveries until a person who was approached for a vegetable donation decided to donate a bicycle. Since than it has become a routine everyday to go around Milano in full uniform delivering fresh bread , cheese and other treats. Dada seeing the necessity to secure a steady supply decided to volunteer at the local Food Bank where more than 1.200 people get food everyday. It is holiday season and volunteers are very precious so even with a bad back Dada has been welcome to help for four hours a day. Local margi in Milano are responding with donations of chocolate and other goodies that have been given to another charities which are engaged in the most unknown war against hunger.

In Los Angeles Dada Muktatmananda is conducting a well developed feeding program which is regularly feeding around 500 people a week including some homeless breakfast on Sundays. There is a brown bag program for Seniors, a program for low income families and a produce event on Thursdays.
The products are facilitated by the LA foodbank in connection with USDA and Corporate donors as well as individual patrons!
The Friday event for Seniors is now running at 130/140 senior citizens and their dependents.