New York Sector News Flash September 2012


Ananda Hitaesana:
LFT training just finished. Out of 4 sisters 1 became bonafide LFT and another LPT. One is working in Ananda Dhiira MU and other is working in Mexico.

After the training we had one day retreat. 10 new people attended. Didi An. Hitaesana gave class on “the importance of spirituality in human life”. Everyone decide to do once a month program at Ananda Dhiira. Just after this retreat, we had an intense two days sister program. There were classes on Yoga, meditation and the training on Ayurvedic diet. Two sisters were initiated.

Didi Kusum:
– 1 LPT created.
– Work in Master Unit Ananda Dhiira is proceeding and developing. We have a vegetable garden, fruit trees full of pears, apples, figs, cherries, mulberry, peaches, etc.

Didi Anudhyana:
– 1 LFT created.
– 7 Hectare (+-17 Acres) land was announced to be the property of WWD, in El Fraile, at north of Mexico. The land has mainly orange trees on it.
– Morelia, Mexico – 6 talks were given to the public. 130 people got benefited.
– Cuernavaca, Mexico – A talk was given at a local University in Cuernavaca. 30 people attended. AM philosophy classes, twice a week, are going on.

Mexico – We compliment Ananda Marga in Mexico for the beautiful newsletter they are regularly sending by email to the subscribers.
If you are interested to receive it in Spanish email to

HPMGL Sister Retreat in Cuernavaca, Mexico

13 sisters gathered to have a wonderful time, learning, practicing and sharing spirituality, under the guidance of Didi Kusum and Didi Anudhyana.

Monterrey, Mexico – Dada Cirananda and Dada Shantatmananda are fully engaged in the preparation of the annual seminar in Allende, NL . The margi of Monterrey are working hard for making the seminar a success. The flier in Spanish is visible on Facebook and on Crimson Dawn.

San Jose’, CA – Ac. Jiivapremananda Avt. outreachred the mentally challenged during his visit accompanied by Brother Ragu Das.
Dada fed personally Alex and gave counseling to several others.

Canada – Dada Parinirvananda is busy with the regular yoga classes in Toronto where the Dharma Cakra is regular with 15 to 20 margi attendance. He is also participating in the work at the Master Unit where Dada Dayashiilananda has created a vegetable garden three times bigger than last year. His health is very good and he applied for the car driving test. The back of the house on the master unit has been renovated and more work is ongoing as the good season still keep on.
Didi Ananda Rupadhara gave a seminar of 5 days at the Senior Women center of Toronto which was very well received and 7 sisters got initiation. She also giving regular yoga classes on Tuesday and wednesday in Ottawa.

Dallas, TX – Walk to Help has reached its third edition with the next fund raising event scheduled on September 22 – Activities in Dallas are always coordinated by Ac. Shubhacetananda Avt. and Ac. Advayananda Avt. See for recent images and updates.

New York, NY – Akhanda Kiirtan program in Corona jagrti have seen 15 participants and a very good flow. Dada Iishvarakrsnananda and Dada Shankarananda participated to the program held on a monthly basis.

Asheville, NC – A seminar for the Asheville Unit was held with the participation of Dada Vimalananda . The 35 participants enjoyed a very good flow and satsaunga.