New York Sector – News Flash


SS Dada Vimalananda is in Los Angeles Region touring and giving attention to different projects on the West Coast.

Seminar Topics is the link to the Seminar Notes compiled by SES Dada Dharmapremananda.

PRS Dada Vimaleshananda is in Washington DC where he produced a new Prabhat Samgiit Booklet.

Canada – July 13-14-15 Canada Retreat in Ananda Kanak Master Unit Tel. 819-983-7389 (cel.) 416-859-8930 Dada Dayashiilananda is working very hard in the master unit extending the garden.

CSPU Dada Shubhacetananda is touring Mexico where Prout is so much in need and people are ready to accept it due to the social difficulties the country is facing.

Dada Shankarananda and Dada Iishvara Krsnananda are in New York giving attention to new margi that are coming regularly to the center in Corona for doing spiritual practices and having satsaunga.

SWWD Didi Ananda Hitaesana just arrived in New York from India . She need help in her WWD office, particularly in the garden.

In Kansas City the food distribution is kept regular every Sunday. The program lead by Surendra and the other margi in Kanasas City has been steady for many years giving relief to the homeless with warm food and kind attention.

Food Distribution is regular in Los Angeles where Dada Muktatmananda provides meals from the Ananda Marga Center and from a central location downtown Los Angeles.

In Washington DC the food distribution is happening with the help of volunteers coordinated by Dada Visvarupananda who is able to maintain it even when he travels top other countries for supervising the AMURT projects.

Dada Jiivapremanada is organizing for the coming Summer Conference at Ananda Kanan with the utmost love and care. We all hope to join him soon in the blessed land of our Master Unit in Missouri.

Dada Unmantrananda is very busy in Sweden for organizing the AMURT Training that spans for 23 days and is primarily geared to give administrative and operational tools for the AMURT Coordinators around the world.

Dada Advayananda is in Dallas where the yoga classes are ongoing at different Universities and social service locations.

Dada Shantatmananda is in Cuernavaca where the jagrti offers the best spiritual environment thanks to the cooperation of all local margi and residents. The Spanish newsletter is sent regularly every week to an increasing number of mragi and sympathizers.

Didi Anudhyana visited the city of Morelia, in Mexico, for the first time. Morelia is a very big city, at the center of Mexico. We have there a very devoted Margii couple – Purusottama and Devakii, which organized a lot of activities during the few days visit. Every day there were public talks about AM practices all over town – at the local country club, at the community center, at a spa that hosts spiritual conferences and more. It was very inspiring to see that so many people appreciate AM ideology and practices, and are keen to learn more. Purusottama and Devakii are now finalizing the construction of a big meditation hall, on top of their house, to be used as the local AM center. Their dedication for Baba and the mission is remarkable.

Dada Visnupremananda is in the school in Managua Nicaragua where recently there has been improvements in the facility constructing new toilettes facilities.

Dada Divyalokeshananda is very busy in giving yoga classes. One is for Juniors every Wednesday and 12 persons are participating.
 There is also a senior’s yoga class every Saturday and there 30 people are participating. As an average these persons are 65 years old. 
All classes are held at the Multicultural Center in Vancouver on Frazer street.
Also every morning in earliest hours in the sky train station dada is playing music with his violin 
while thousands of people pass by. One margi recently had a come back after seeing Dada playing and nNow he is coming for Dharma Cakra. One person got initiated. Being in uniform at all times pays certainly off.

Dada Vimaleshananda just came back from playing ping pong with Dimitri, A Russian origin young man who is going to learn meditation this Saturday. Dada was in uniform and there were at least 50 players spread on 14 tables. One of the best players is 10 years old and he receives special training in China every year.

“Ananda Dhiira master unit is a gorgeous place: full of wild animals, nice landscape, friendly neighbors and 2 well kept buildings. Soon 4 sisters (3 from Mexico and 1 from Germany) will arrive to join the LFT training, plus some volunteers will help us out with the daily work. Of course challenges are not missing, but thanks to that we feel Baba much closer. I am looking for margiis who would like to work, live, implement their skills, utilize their energy and devotion to build an independent and inspiring master unit in the California Hills. If you have a dream to create a place where people can heal their body, mind and soul and become a better citizen of the world, to create a nucleus of love and devotion, you are all welcome to come, visit us and stay at Ananda Dhiira. Or you can just come to enjoy the blissful sadhana and peaceful vibes! Baba Nam Kevalam, Didi Kusum” +1 530 4323 618
Ananda Dhiira, 19393 Sanctuary Road, Penn Valley, CA 95946