News from Sectorial Office in New York

Rose Garden at the Sectorial Office


Here in Sectorial Office in New York we are three Dadas, Dada Shankarananda, Dada Diiptimanananda and Dada Vimaleshananda. Today the postman came and he was curious about our Yoga House. It is a bit of a novelty to have monks in this residential area. The postman must know everybody, he is from Korea and there are Jewish neighbors and also Chinese and Indian. 

Dada Shankarananda is very active distributing BABA NAM KEVALAM cards and we are receiving some positive response. By the first of September we are planning to start Yoga and meditation classes and the website is almost ready with the new location and schedule. 

Dada Diiptimanananda is concentrated on the renovations. Although the house is in a very good condition, there is still a lot of work to make it suitable for all our purposes and activities. We have collective meditation and practices everyday, which gives us the energy to do the best work for His Mission. Almost everyday some Margiis come to visit and we are expecting several visiting acaryas.

Everyone is very inspired by the new location. Queens College has accepted Dada Diiptimanananda as yoga instructor and soon he will start the classes at the gym. 

Dada Vimaleshananda is fully engaged in the Fund Raising for Ananda Maya Master Unit in Guatemala. It is a fund raising for $2.750 USD required to process the legal papers and evict the intruders who have illegally invaded our Master Unit. Margiis in Guatemala are doing the effort to pursue the legal fight and the money requested is according to the estimate given by their lawyer. Didi Ananda Tapomaya is following the delicate process in Guatemala. A slideshow on illustrates the matter and includes the letter of the lawyer translated in English. The fund raiser is also online at

We invite you to visit the new Sectorial Office even before its official inauguration, which is planned for the first week of October. Nobody should feel or believe that we have lost anything. Baba's Mission is still the same wherever we are, to light the candle of devotion in every heart of this Universe. There is a lot of work for everybody.