Preface to “Yogic Treatments and Natural Remedies” book



The object of the art of healing is to cure a patient, both physically and mentally. So the main question is not to uphold any particular school of medical science; rather, the key task is the welfare of the patient.

Just as diseased body organs can be restored to normal by administering medicines internally or externally, they can also be healed, more safely and more perfectly, with the help of Yaogika Ásanas and Mudrás. The aim of this book, therefore, is to make the general public aware of the Yaogika methods of treating the various illnesses.

My purpose is to let people cure themselves by practising the Ásanas and Mudrás described in this book. People are requested not to take the risk of practicing Ásanas and Mudrás by themselves, but rather to do so under the guidance of an experienced Ácárya (spiritual teacher). Ananda Marga Ácáryas will always be ready to help without any remuneration. Detailed instructions for practising the Ásanas and Mudrás, for bathing, etc. have been given in Part Three of Ananda Marga Caryácarya (Shrii Shrii Ánandamúrti, Caryácarya Part III [Ánandanagar: Ánanda Márga Pracáraka Saḿgha, 1979]). If necessary, the reader may consult that book.

Along with the Ásanas and Mudrás, a list of some free or inexpensive and easily-available, but proven and useful, medical remedies, as well as the methods of their application, has been given in this book. The public can make use of these applications by themselves, or, if needed, may consult experienced Ácáryas in this respect also.

Due to limitations of time, it is not possible for me to enter into personal correspondence with anybody. Any person having questions regarding the Ásanas and Mudrás and their performance, or the medicines and their applications, may contact their respective Ácárya, or may get in touch with the secretary of their local village or district committee or of the Central Committee of Ananda Marga. So much for now.

–The Author (Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar)
Kárttikii Púrńimá