Sectorial Conference Berlin Sector Summer 2015


dpi7200018The news of the Sectorial Summer Conference Berlin Sector is already out via different means already. However, this is a formal way to apprise you of the event. You may please share it with your core margii circle. Thanks.

Berlin Sectorial Conference 2015 July 27 to August 2

The 2015 Summer Conference of Berlin Sector re-united us with Madhu Karuna, our Marga Guru Quarters, which has served as our sectorial conference home since 1988.

We had taken a three-year break for needed renovations, including the time to make the renovation plans, raise money and complete the work. The major improvements to Madhu Karuna included a completely new kitchen, improvements in several of the sleeping quarters, for families, single sisters and single brothers, improvements in the Dharmacakra hall, the dining hall, the garden area in the back and in the Ananda Bazaar area.
(Great thanks to Dada Aniishananda and Dada Devavratananda for leading this work and to the many volunteers who helped.)

The conference, attended by over 250 people from over 20 countries, started with a 51-hour Akhanda Kaiirtana, bringing a sense of spiritual unity to all participants, in line with the conference theme of “One Human Society”. Along with the theme, the classes and workshops included a Prout and Master Unit Symposium, a workshop on education and society building, a dharma pracar workshop and an intercultural acceptance panel discussion.

Our Central Representative, Ac. Svarupananda Avt gave all attendees a rich volume of Baba stories, explanations of Ananda Marga philosophy and ways to improve our spiritual practices. The conference ended with a Baba video and a nine hour Akhanda Kiirtana. This was followed by a two day Microvita workshop.


All through as ever Baba has been the perennial source of inspiration and encouragement to carry on this process of forward movement and incessant progress.
And finally it all ended with a blissful and unprecedented vibration as all the margii participants returned to their respective homes. Now looking forward to continue to maintain this flow with regular and new organizational activities in the field by the margiis, dadas and didis posted in the sector. With best wishes.

In Him,
Ac Shubhatmananda Avt,
SS Berlin