Seminar in Canada concluded on August 2 – 2015

The three days seminar held in SAJO near Ananda Kanak Master unit in Quebec concluded Sunday with an extended day in which margi spent time together as a family. The Master Unit located near the locality of St. Andre' Avellin in the French speaking area of Quebec - Canada offers a beautiful setting particularly in this summer time. (MORE IMAGES) 20 margi participated to the seminar which was held at the SAJO retreat center. They all enjoyed very much the collective and cooperative relationship established among all. The seminar topics were presented in three separate classes facilitated by three speakers. The presentations were followed by useful discussions and clarifications. The first topic was The Human Body is a Biological Machine presented by Acarya Diiptimananda Avadhuta who was the official trainer for this Seminar and he is in charge of Ottawa Region corresponding to the west side of Canada. The second on Mysticism and Spirituality was lead by Acarya Dayashiilananda Avadhuta who is Rector at Ananda Kanak Master Unit in Quebec. And the third topic on The Future of Civilization was facilitated by Acarya Vimaleshananda Avadhuta who is Sectorial Public Relations Seretary for New York Sector. Acarya Parinirvananda Avadhuta who is Prout Universal Chief Secretary and Avadhutika Ananda Rupadhara Acarya in quality of Girls Volunteers of the Woman Welfare Department of Ananda Marga were also partecipating to the Seminar as organzers.
The Master Unit has an extensive vegetable garden and it was possible to appreciate during the seminar the fantastic vegetarian food which created a very warm and familiar atmoshere around the table and during the meals preparation. The presence of people who were articipating for the first time to our Ananda Marga Seminar gave the opportunity to share more the basics of our spiritual practices and articularly collective meditation and kiirtan. All the programs were fully attended and the next opportunity to meet again will be given by the Prabhat Samgiita Festival which is in program in Toronto for September 13. Contact Dada Diiptimananda at 718 - 898 1603 for more detailed informations.