Spring a hub/pod of PROUTISTS in Costa Rica


If you have time and passion or ideas, what would be helpful to spring a hub/pod of PROUTISTS in Costa Rica, please don’t hesitate to share or spread this invitation.
These are reasons and also this is how i’m starting to invite:
Would you be interested to check better  opportunity for yourself,  friends or humanity through community initiative in Costa Rica?

If you or somebody you know are willing to live sustainably ethically in natures surrounding in a communal setting… then welcome to check and Let’s cocreate:


It’s Canadian guy Pom Vincent initiative as you see and maybe know him. He also leading financial part for members of how to get great money while harwesting wild food from wild nature of Canada. So you don’t need to worry much leaving your source of income. Consider it as a chance not to vote your time/you money/knowledge in a barbaric greedy western society.
We just driving down from season their towards Costa Rica gathering. It was great year for me as a rookie. Got 25000 CAD(19000$) in about 4.5 months work and learning observe nature.

It’s gathering time happening now. 2nd Edition Gsuccess mass

It’s not only about fruits of course. There are strong intentions and weekly classes towards main ethics:
*becoming 80-90% self sustainable ASAP …in next 4-5years with fruit food forest and Permaculture school,
*Studying NVC Non Violent Communication
*Studying ‘Creating Life Together’
*Cruelty-Free and Raw Food

Besides that, we hear passions to create a space and  invite  people to create special groups called Hubs or Pods:
*PROUT socio economic model from AnandaMarga movement;
*Free Energy;
*Family orientated school. Target is 20 families on 50-100hectares land