Summer Conference 2015 – “Sadhana” – Monday June 29th till Sunday July 5th


sadhana cardSadhana means spiritual effort. Sometimes we say “meditation” but it is not only meditation. Part of sadhana is also service. Both are meant to lead towards the spiritual goal. As long as the mind is engrossed with material pursuit or survival necessities it can’t do sadhana. And to bring the mind to bend towards the spiritual endeavor is an effort that sometimes is difficult in the normal family or work environment.

This is the reason why from time to time we wish to come together in a sanctified place where we can help each other to move on the path of bliss. Ananda Kanan is such a place in the heart of those who love spirituality. Ananda Kanan is also a beautiful place kept with love and care by the hands of those who work for its growth and maintenance. We all come as guests fulfilling the desire to be nurtured in Ananda Kanan in all the possible planes, from the spiritual to the mundane.

This miracle happens every year at the Summer Conference of Ananda Marga at Ananda Kanan. Every year in a different way the desire of the devotees is fulfilled in a blissful way. There is always some special grace waiting for those who struggle for attending this event. All apparent obstacles ultimately vanish as soon as we touch the soil of the Master Unit. So, please come, come to Ananda Kanan, the Garden of Bliss.

Come once again or for the first time. You will be coming again and again

Summer Conference Organizing Committee

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