Summer Conference at Ananda Kanan


From July 1st to July 7th the annual Summer Conference was held at Ananda Kanan with nearly fifty participants coming from different parts of USA, Canada, Mexico, El Salvador and Guatemala. Nine of the sixteen regions of New York Sector were represented. Everybody did one’s best to come even for a few days when the work constrains and prevalent economic crises didn’t give much time to spend in the serene atmosphere of Ananda Kanan. The venue was in perfect condition thanks to the dedication of Brother Sudhiira and managing Rector Dada Jiivapremananda as if multiplied himself in order to pick-up the persons arriving at the airport, preparing the ground and shopping for the food. Brother Krsnaprema came three weeks in advance for helping preparing the place and was joined by two more students from UT Dallas who were attending for the first time. At the end of the one week in a highly devotional atmosphere Brother Dalpat shared his personal memories of Baba. Everybody felt blessed and free to share their own personal stories. It was the closing to a great conference where new people and old margi bridged perfectly in a familiar and natural way.

The whole event was marked by a lighthearted happiness that was contagious for everybody. The margi coming from Canada shared a wave of youthfulness that was quickly picked up by other youth and more seasoned participants. Their improvised skits full of light humor delighted and will be remembered. The program was intense as usual. Everyday at least three hours of spiritual programs no stop with attached classes and early morning wake-up. At the third day everybody felt the need of a break and all the participants went to the beach. It was the start of a very good blend of social service and spiritual engagement which allowed to complete the usual highway clean-up, the visit to the nursing home and the tradition 4th of July parade downtown Willow Springs. Several personal stories intertwined in the collective spiritual flow. Sister Nityabhakti shared with all a traditional African story with a deep moral and spiritual meaning. She also lead a class on nutrition. It was her special way to gift us and remember her 20 years old daughter who was a leader in the University and an example of service for all.

In the opening class brother Sudhiira through an inspiring slideshow guided all in the history of Ananda Kanan inviting at the end to take responsibility for its development. Ananda Kanan as a Master Unit is a huge project that need more people and families to be involved once again. In the spiritual class Dada Muktatmananda bridged the philosophical topic with personal stories in order to make it understandable by everybody. In the social class lead by brother Madhusudan it was very well described how spirituality is the only unifying factor for the human society. It was a clear message helping everybody to focus more on Ananda Marga spiritual practices which are so special and necessary for all. Dada Vimalananda gave a class on Microvita which constitutes one of the six sub-committees given by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti before leaving to us the responsibility to continue His Mission. Dada Shubhacetananda and Didi Kusum lead two well attended organizational meetings chalking out the plans for Proutist Universal and Women Welfare Departments respectively. Self-Realization and Service to All. There is scope for doing more and more service in the whole New york Sector and the preparation for the next Winter Conference is already started …