Summer Spiritual Conference


“Spirituality in a New Era” is the theme for Summer Spiritual Conference organized by Ananda Marga, New York Sector. It’s going to be held in Ananda Kanan, a beautiful Retreat Center located in Ozarks. In the weeklong family type event, participants will enjoy pristine surroundings, inspiring spiritual activities, cultural events, and sentient food. Activities will include chanting, meditation and classes on spiritual and social topics.

Since its inception in the year 1982, Ananda Kanan has seen generations of spiritual seekers (“Margii”) deepen their spiritual practices and develop an understanding about their role in society. Well-known people such as poet Robert Bly and economist Dr. Ravi Batra have shared their knowledge during events in Ananda Kanan. Spirituality, as a practice, has now crossed the threshold into a new era. Yoga and meditation are fast emerging as a way of harmonious life. Meanwhile, human society is fast loosing the sense of Aparigraha. People are starving in the streets of the big cities while others watch. Some don’t know what to do with their abundance. Aparigraha means to live with the minimum necessities of life. It is a basic fundamental principle of morality. Spirituality in a new era conforms to this principle. Ananda Kanan is a venue to get together and adopt such principles in life.

Dada Jiivapremananda is the In-charge of Ananda Kanan. He starts his day at 5.00 am with leading a collective meditation for residents and ends it by leading another one at 6.00 pm. He is skimpy eater, but a tough worker. His daily routine includes watering plants and teaching yoga classes. He is quite adept in dealing with seasonal plants and their behavior. Lovely animals, that remain sheltered in Ananda Kanan, are cared well by Dada. As he walks around doing his daily chores, his shiny smile is quite visible, as if he is in bliss. He is eager to host the participants of Annual Summer Spiritual Conference this year.

“Spirituality in a New Era” is actually a return to the traditional values which honor the self-realization and selfless service, and dedication to creating a harmonious society, free from distinctions. Ananda Marga, since its inception in 1955 in India, is continuing to lead others to the path of righteousness. Summer Spiritual Conference at Ananda Kanan, organized by Ananda Marga New York Sector, is a must come for all. Please see the brochure for details and contact Dada Jiivapremananda at 417-469-4713 for more details.

Summer Retreat 2013 by dadavima

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