NY Sector Good News Report – November 2012


Acarya Iishvarakrsnananda Avadhuta reports as he is free from trigeminal Neuralgia attack after more than three months of severe facial pain. Other health problems increased and forced to stop eating rice, bread, dairy, dairy products, oil, most of the sweet fruits living on sprout,soup,salad and buckwheat noodle, barley, beans,etc. But the good news is that he is fasting after more than 3 months.
He attended 3 Akhanda Kiirtan ( New York, Boston, (Earth dance)Massachusetts. He has gaven two meditation class in New York. 20 people contacted. $100.00 collection. Food distribution is going on in LA, Kansas City and Washington by AMURT.

In September the annual Sectorial Conference In Allende, Mexico was organized by Dada Cirananda and and Dada Shantatmananda was the Trainer. He gave two classes from the Seminar notebook and Dada Shubhacetananda gave the Prout class from the Seminar topic. The Seminar had a good flow with 25 margi attending including 2 didis and 5 Dadas. Three days of continuous rain encouraged to go deep into the spiritual practices although limited the participation.

San Jose’, CA – Ac. Jiivapremananda Avt. outreachred the mentally challenged during his visit accompanied by Brother Ragu Das.
Dada fed personally Alex and gave counseling to several others.

Canada – Dada Parinirvananda is busy with the regular yoga classes in Toronto where the Dharma Cakra is regular with 15 to 20 margi attendance. He is also participating in the work at the Master Unit where Dada Dayashiilananda has created a vegetable garden three times bigger than last year. His health is very good and he applied for the car driving test. The back of the house on the master unit has been renovated and more work is ongoing as the good season still keep on. Here is the details of the good news from Dada Parinirvanananda:
1. Regular Dharmacakra at Toronto 15 to 20 attendance.
2. Mass feeding at Downtown Toronto, every Sunday 200 to 300 people at 3pm to 5pm. I will attached pictures.
3. Planning to extend our MU Vegetable Garden now . Ploughing field up to crick. Right now, we are working on that.
4. Regular Sadhana classes on Wednesday and Saturday at Guyana Temple.
5. Friday Yoga class at Hamber College with Students (4pm).

Didi Ananda Rupadhara gave a seminar of 5 days at the Senior Women center of Toronto which was very well received and 7 sisters got initiation. She also giving regular yoga classes on Tuesday and Wednesday in Ottawa. She reports in detail:
Initiation –3 Follow up—4 Two new AMPS UNIT created and raised $700
Asheville, NC – A seminar for the Asheville Unit was held with the participation of Dada Vimalananda . The 35 participants enjoyed a very good flow and satsaunga. Brother organized a one day workshop in Knoxville attended by 25 people about Nathuropathy. This is part of the ongoing pracar for the Wellness Center established in Prama Institute Asheville on Ananda Girisuta Master Unit. There are in program two yoga detox weekends which are fully booked before the end of the year. The building for the Wellness Center has been completed that function as a inpatient facility with a capacity of 10 beds.

Ananda Hitaesana:
LFT training just finished. Out of 4 sisters 1 became bonafide LFT and another LPT. One is working in Ananda Dhiira MU and other is working in Mexico.

After the training we had one day retreat. 10 new people attended. Didi An. Hitaesana gave class on “the importance of spirituality in human life”. Everyone decide to do once a month program at Ananda Dhiira. Just after this retreat, we had an intense two days sister program. There were classes on Yoga, meditation and the training on Ayurvedic diet. Two sisters were initiated.
Didi Kusum:
– 1 LPT created.
– Work in Master Unit Ananda Dhiira is proceeding and developing. We have a vegetable garden, fruit trees full of pears, apples, figs, cherries, mulberry, peaches, etc.
Didi Anudhyana:
– 1 LFT created.
– 7 Hectare (+-17 Acres) land was announced to be the property of WWD, in El Fraile, at north of Mexico. The land has mainly orange trees on it.
– Morelia, Mexico – 6 talks were given to the public. 130 people got benefited.
– Cuernavaca, Mexico – A talk was given at a local University in Cuernavaca. 30 people attended. AM philosophy classes, twice a week, are going on.
HPMGL Sister Retreat in Cuernavaca, Mexico
13 sisters gathered to have a wonderful time, learning, practicing and sharing spirituality, under the guidance of Didi Kusum and Didi Anudhyana.
SS Dada Vimalananda briefly noted:
Initiation: 3, Follow up 7
One LFT Devadiip completed training and SPT, passed exams..
Three public Conferences has been given and raised $ 15600 (For Legal)
One Akhanda Kiirtan in Boston and at NY Sectorial Office 6.000 Flyers has been printed.

Dada Unmantrananda, AMURT Global Support and Coordinator for New York Sector, is reporting that our relief work in Lebanon serving Syrian refugees has so far served 250 people (50 families) with school fees, clothes, bedding, medicine and food. Our target is 1,000 people in 200 families by December. The relief operation is described in detail here: www.amurt.net/syria.
Dada Vimaleshananda reports after attending the successful Patna DMS in India: Milano in Italy is a crowded business city where the population of the people living in the streets is growing day by day. They used to be limited to illegal immigrants but nowadays locally born people find themselves without shelter or food. During the stay in Italy Dada Vimaleshananda took the opportunity of doing service for those people and started a food distribution project. He got a bicycle donated and he started collecting and donating food among the people living in the parks or in front of the shelters. In order to guarantee a regular supply for the food distribution he volunteered with “Pane Quotidiano” that in English means Daily Food, a local organization which is distributing food every day to a population ranging from 500 to 1.000 people. He also got the interest of the local government getting the opportunity to talk briefly with social service minister who got interested in Ananda Marga and its service endeavor. He initiated two people and had three dharma cakras in Milano and three in Bologna where he gave talks on cooperatives and master unit development to the local margi.
Prajina Bharatii is the official newsletter of all Boards of Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha published every two months care of the respective Board Secretaries. Recently a new website has been opened which will have the copies of the last issues. You can look at prajinabharatii.wordpress.com The site is in an initial stage with the last two published issues available.
On occasion of Mahaprayan Divas Crimson Dawn has published a special printable edition which is available on the crimsondawn.info website. On the same occasion the Ananda Marga school in Guatemala celebrated the end of the year. It has been organized as a public event with the participation of margi, families of the students and local benefactors. Ananda Marga in Guatemala is also active in organizing a vegetarian dinner and a special event on the occasion of the end of the Mayan calendar on December 21st 2012.
Good news report
A’c Ra’ga’tma’nanda Avt 11/1/2012
Sancristoval de la casa:
– 4 yoga lecture and total 42 people got mass initiations.
– 5 Meditation program total 22 people learn Ba’ba’ nam kevalam.
– 5 Nagar kiirtan in down town.
– 2 Nagar kiirtan.
– Attended Harbal festibal gave talk introduction to Ananda Marga by Dada Shantatmananda and got new contact and 10 people gave ba’ba’ nam Kevalam and had pracar and distribute flyer.

Mexico city:
-5 table talk about Yoga Meditaion and Vegitarianism total 11 people gave Ba’ba’ nam

Had 2 days Prout seminer 18 margiis attended.one brother got initiation.

Submited by A’c Ra’ga’tma’nanda Avt

1. CS A’c. Shubhacetana’nanda Avt. & FS A’c. Advaya’nanda Avt. participated in many University Club Fairs at Dallas area universities and colleges with our public display tables and booths where books and literature of Shrii P. R. Sarkar on Spiritual Philosophy and PROUT were prominently displayed. Hundreds of students, faculty, administrative staff , public visited our booths, signed up for ongoing free weekly Yoga/Meditation/Social Philosophy classes, which are appreciated by all for the benefits gained. Thousands of flyers distributed.
2. Ongoing weekly classes on Yoga/Meditation at the Dallas Addictions Recovery Center by FS to help addicts struggling to recover from alcohol, drug, and other addictions which are appreciated by both patients as well as recovery coaches.

3. CS & FS were invited as special guests to a public presentation by Sewa International, a service foundation, on September 07, 2012 at the Garland Arts Center, Dallas with a splendid performance of Krs’n’a Liila by a famous Indian troupe. This was a fundraising event to aid Dallas area Bhutanese refugees, attended by about 300 people, many from the professional and business Indian community. We met the officers and organizers of Sewa International, who truly appreciated the presence of two sannyasi/monk representatives of A’nanda Ma’rga/PROUTist Universal in their spiritual/social service event.

4. A public Walk-A-Thon was organized by the Dallas Unit Ma’rgiis and PROUTists on September 22, 2012 at a public park in Irving, Texas to raise service-consciousness and funds to build medical facilities like dispensaries, hospitals and give basic medical care to the deprived rural population of Varanasi, India. The WalkToHelp event was a success, with about 100 participants at the Walk, inaugurated and led by CS and FS, with talks and demonstrations of Yoga, Meditation, and the benefits of, plus there was public display of the varied books and literature on Neo-Humanism, Spiritual and PROUT philosophy and programs of Shrii P. R. Sarkar visited by many of the public and participants.
5. FS and PROUTists of Dallas had a display booth at the annual A’nanda Bazaar in Dallas celebrating India’s Independence Day, where thousands visited our booth with our books on Spiritual and PROUT philosophy. Thousands of our flyers were handed out, many signed up for our ongoing classes.
6. CS participated in several meetings and conferences at the University of North Texas, making good valuable contacts with prominent journalists and public relations media speakers and professionals, professors and PhD students and researchers, and presented them with books and literature on PROUT and Neo-Humanism.
7. Our senior PROUTists Dr. Ravi Batra and Dr. Susmit Kumar have been active in giving media interviews and conferences all over the USA as the socio-economic crisis deepens, and more and more people are helped to understand the root-causes of the crisis and the viable solutions based on the PROUT of Shrii P.R. Sarkar.
8. In mid-September, 2012, CS and FS attended the Sectorial Seminar-Retreat near Monterrey, Mexico, where CS gave PROUT classes appreciated by all, especially new Ma’rgiis, and students’ and youths’ meetings were held, with UPSF and UPYF Committees formed.
9. October 12-14, 2012 found about 30 senior and new PROUTists at our Master Unit A’nanda Vrati in the beautiful rural hilly area of Pennsylvania for our PROUT Seminar. All were enlightened by the interesting PROUT classes, workshops, organizational meetings and special video conferences with Q & A sessions by our senior PROUTists Professor Ravi Batra (on the current global economic crisis and PROUTistic solutions) and Dr. Susmit Kuma’r (on the current “Arab Spring” Middle East situation vis-à-vis PROUT). A vibrating 3-hour Akhan’d’a Kiirtan and cultural-devotional evenings inspired and were enjoyed by all.
10. There was a three-hours Akhanda Kiirtan in Timir’s house on Saturday, September 8 on the occasion of his son Tejasvi’s birth. Four Dadas and 20 margiis attended the kiirtan. Dada Shankarananda shared his personal experiences with Baba.

(A’c. Advaya’nanda Avt., FSPU-NY)