DMS @ Malur, Karnataka, India – September 2014

Date 13-14 September 2014, Venue: Ananda Marga Polytechnic, Malur, Karnataka Some photos of the grand reception given to PP Dadaji on his arrival at Malur for DMS on 13-14 September, Dadas having breakfast in Swami Nirmlanand Ashram, Celebrated teachers day in Ananda Marga college in Malur Kolar.

“Dharma Maha Sammelan” in Bhopal

Dear Brothers/Sisters Namaskar Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha organized a two-day “Dharma Maha Sammelan” in Bhopal. The sammelan was attended by a large number of devotees from Bhopal Circle, Mumbai Circle, Hyderabad Circle, Jaipur Region, Delhi and Kanpur circle. Reverend Purodha Pramukha Acarya Vishvadevananada Avadhuta delivered spiritual discourses. Margiis are enjoying spiritual bliss, Sadhana, kiirtana and… Continue reading “Dharma Maha Sammelan” in Bhopal

DMS in Jamalpur – March 2012

Namaskar Dear Brothers and Sisters, Jamalpur, district Munger is Baba’s(Shrii Shrii Anandamurti Jii) birth place. Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha conducts DMS every year in March. Since last time DMS took place in Jamalpur Sport Railway(JSR) Stadium, this time there was wonderful atmosphere and proper facilities and arrangements for margiis to stay and it was held… Continue reading DMS in Jamalpur – March 2012