Kiirtan Forever

Listening to Baba Nam Kevalam is a very good relaxing activity. Kiirtan has so many benefits that it is quite impossible to list them all. Singing and dancing kiirtan is superior to just listening. It is a spiritual boon and miracles happen wherever a few people assemble together with the sole purpose to sing and… Continue reading Kiirtan Forever

Latest news from Ananda Marga school in Nicaragua

“Our students of Centro Educativo Ananda Marga are joining the simulation on what to do if eathquake occur.” Dada Visnupremananda is very active at the school and service activities take place on a regular basis: “The Comamos Juntos group of volunteers Katie, Nadia and Alma are bringing some vegetables which was collected from the… Continue reading Latest news from Ananda Marga school in Nicaragua

Story of the Uniform

Version 1.2 August 2008 By Bhaeravii Devi with Ac Bhaskarananda Avt Even though all the talk in virtual forum regarding acarya uniforms and the repercussions of wearing them in public or not has concluded, this has given me rise to gather more information about what is the full uniform and what it represents. They are… Continue reading Story of the Uniform

Sanscrit, the Language of Taraka Brahma

By Ac Bhaskarananda Avt and Bhaeravii Devi PARAMA NIRDE’SHAH Yah va’radvayam’ niyamitaru’pen’a sa’dhana’m’ karoti, mrityuka’le Paramapurus’asya katha’ tasya manas’i ja’garis’yati ja’garis’yatyeva’ tatha’ sa muktih pra’psyati pra’psyatyeva – tasma’t pratyekam A’nandama’rgiin’a va’radvayam sa’dhana’ avasya kartavya’ – ayameva Paramapurus’asya nirdeshah. Yama-niyama vya’tireken’a sa’dhana’ anus’t’ita’ na bhavati, tasma’t yama-niyamayoh  pa’lanam Paramapurus’asya eva nirdeshah. Asya nirdeshasya avama’nana’m na’ma kot’ikot’ivatsarasya… Continue reading Sanscrit, the Language of Taraka Brahma

Nalanda University – Amartya Sen

The new campus of Nalanda University, to be built in the town of Rajgir, Bihar, India, a few miles away from the original university, which was founded in the early fifth century and destroyed in the 1190s India: The Stormy Revival of an International University  

Education for liberation

“Now, education means assimilation, conversion or transmutation of external physicalities. Knowledge regarding this collection has been transformed into your mental realm. This transformation of the external objectivity into internal subjectivity is education. So education is the transformation of external objectivity into internal subjectivity.” Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar In Ananda Madhukunj on the hills near Bologna,… Continue reading Education for liberation

Moral Stories

The importance of moral stories in education is paramount. Today’s media provide a good deal of material and it is possible to select those which bear an everlasting teaching. Just as an example here is two animated stories both called, by chance, “The Four Friends”: