PROUT: Two new Apps available on Google Play

PROUT as Progressive Utilization Theory has been formulated by Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar in 1959 and since then it has offered a viable alternative to the present social, political and economical frameworks.

The new Apps make PROUT a handy tool that can be consulted or presented anywhere in the world.

The English version can be searched on Google Play with the keywords Progressive Utilization and the Spanish version with the keyword Utilizacion Progresiva. They are both small in size as they provide both text and links to existing pages of the web.

PROUT in English

PROUT in Spanish

Ananda Marga Essentials available on Google Play (also in Spanish)


Look for Ananda Marga on Google Play and install the app for Android. If you are Spanish speaking there is the equivalent app Ananda Marga Esenciales


The development of the two app and their availability on Google Play is harboring new creative solutions for bringing more people in contact with Ananda Marga. It is part of a trend where media technology is used for the welfare of society at large.

LATEST NEWS: Ananda Marga Essentials is now available for Iphone and Ios . FOLLOW THE LINK

Two text books on Yoga and Bhakti from University of Bhuvaneshvar – India

yogabook_0Two new books has been published from Dr. Mohanty as Professor of the Utkal University of Bhuvaneshvar – India. They are text books for the PhD students on the subjects of Yoga and Bhakti. Dr. Mohanty has done a tremendous job to put in context Ananda Marga ideology in the Yoga tradition and in the Bhakti tradition. It is expected that these two new books will become very popular in the academic and also in the general public.

A New Science of Reality

Listen to a new science of reality interview

The interview has been produced by Author House which is the publisher of the book:

“From imaginary oxymora to real polarities and return” by Dr. Hans Joachim Rudolph, MD

More on the book at:

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