Ananda Marga for Android

New App on Google Play with interactive fasting chart 2016 The new application joins the already existing Ananda Marga Essentials and Ananda Marga Essenciales (Spanish Version) which are all available on Google Play. The development of those applications harbors more contents of the ideology of Ananda Marga made available on cellular phones, tablets, etc. which… Continue reading Ananda Marga for Android

Southern Humor Book – FINE AS FROG’S HAIR

Price: $10.00 Ships in 3-5 business daysAn uproarious romp through rural North Carolina’s colloquial phrases, as taught to Dr. Steven Landau by his beloved patients. Profits are shared with AMURT – Ananda Marga Universal relief Team in USA.

A New Science of Reality

Listen to a new science of reality interview The interview has been produced by Author House which is the publisher of the book: “From imaginary oxymora to real polarities and return” by Dr. Hans Joachim Rudolph, MD More on the book at: Please participate in the the face book activity at the link given… Continue reading A New Science of Reality