Ananda Kanan Winter Bliss Retreat 2016

The end of the year is a special time to reflect and enter into the New Year with hope and strong spiritual feeling. This time the Ananda Kanan Winter Bliss Retreat gave scope for deep spiritual practices for the participants. We had three Akhanda Kiirtana, four Sadhana Shivir and other spiritual programs during the program that took place from December 28, 2015 to January 2, 2016.
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There was flooding in Missouri on December 27 and not possible to enter Ananda Kanan but on Dec 28 the rain stopped and we were able to reach there in the afternoon. There were 12 Margiis attending and 3 Whole Timers.
On December 30, we celebrated together in the evening the 3 years birthday of Anima. On January 1, 2016 there was a workshop/discussion on how to achieve maximum all round progress in individual and spiritual life during the coming year and afternoon brother Sudhiira let a painting workshop in his studio. Overall it was a very enjoyable program with a strong feeling of one spiritual family.

Winter Bliss Retreat 2015/2016

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Welcome to join our Ananda Kanan Winter Bliss retreat. Arrival is on December 28afternoon and departure after breakfast on Saturday January 2, 2016. Details are in the attached brochure/flyer. Hope to see you there!
yours brotherly,
Ácárya Diiptimanánanda Avadhúta
Sectorial Office Secretary (SOS) of Ananda Marga in New York Sector

Monterrey Regional Retreat concluded on September 29

Group photo at the end of the retreat

Group photo at the end of the retreat

Ananda Marga retreats are wonderful opportunities to meet and uplift. This time it was Monterrey the place where a fantastic retreat happened. Margi from Morelia came one day in advance in order to participate and Dada Cirananda as the host was able make everybody feel at ease. The retreat was held in the jagrti and the space was just enough to allow more than 30 margi to attend parts of all of the venue. With Dada Cirananda there were three more Acaryas, Didi Anudhyana, Dada Ragatmananda and Dada Vimaleshananda.

Dada Cirananda in the Dharma Cakra hall

Dada Cirananda in the Dharma Cakra hall

The baby naming ceremony of Tripti was a very special time which saw the greatest participation from all margi and acaryas. The baby of Abhimanyu and Divya was the center of attention also during the whole retreat. Several mothers enjoyed to take care of such a baby who never cried in the whole retreat.

Tripti in the hands of Divya with Didi Anudhyana

Tripti in the hands of Divya with Didi Anudhyana

The retreat was marked by four classes given by all the Acaryas present. In the first class Dada Ragatmananda introduced the Secrets to become Great. It was a super interesting topic that kept everybody glued looking for answers. Everybody want to be great and Dadas secrets were centered around the capacity to learn from everybody. Dada first secret was enough to create the most conducive atmosphere for the whole program as everybody started to respect others.

Food Preparation by Volunteers with Dada Cirananda

Food Preparation by Volunteers with Dada Cirananda

The second class was on the subject of Tantra. Dada Cirananda talked in Spanish which is the local language in Mexico. Although engaged in the kitchen he really desired to give more than the expected hospitality and he succeeded fully. All the margi and also the neighbors knows him as a very hard worker dedicated to yoga and spiritual practices and also to social work. He is distributing food to the homeless twice a week with the help of a few young volunteers and he maintains the jagrti which is in the old historical part of Monterrey.

Dining together in the patio

Dining together in the patio

The third class was on the subject of Dharma. Didi Anudhyana used a multimedia presentation engaging the audience with several ideological questions. At the end there was a loud run of applause and a great motivation for spreading Dharma in all possible ways.

The fourth class was on the subject of the Future of Civilization and Dada Vimaleshananda used it as a spring board to raise awareness around the role of the margi in society. It was very well participated and at the end of it the closing ceremony gave scope to express positive comments for the whole retreat. A few initiations took place in the practice of Ananda Marga meditation and margi remained still in the spiritual atmosphere for quite some time before departing for their destinations.

Kiirtan during the retreat

Kiirtan during the retreat

The retreat brought all the participants very close in their hearts. Even the photographers that happened to come and visit during the retreat where feeling the pleasure of being in an elated atmosphere.

During the retreat Dada Ragatmananda had the opportunity to perform at the sitar a meditative raga.

Brother Arjuna and brother Manorainajn led several Prabhat Samgiita and inspiring kiirtan throughout the retreat.


Atlanta Region Retreat concluded on September 7 2015

IMG_20150906_101708Three full days of Inner and Outer Transformation just concluded at Ananda Girisuta near Asheville, North Carolina. The Ananda Marga Regional Retreat for Atlanta Region has been an intense and productive time for all the participants engaged in the workshops and activities geared on the themes of Tantra, PROUT and Neohumanism.

IMG_20150906_101845All the workshops were very well presented and engaged the participants in active discussion. Tantra was presented in its core ideas that reflect the ideology of Ananda Marga. All the presenter where demonstrating to be able to convey the topics with profound insights and direct knowledge.

PROUT as a theory was introduced through its 5 fundamental principles and followed up by a presentation of all the PROUT projects around the world. It was a way to recognize the impact of the socio-economic theory propounded by Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar in 1959.

IMG_20150906_180850More than fifteen margi of Atlanta Region demonstrated the interest and keen desire to see PROUT in Action on the Ananda Girisuta Master Unit which resulted in a immediate decision to follow at the closest available time with a meeting in which participants wishes to coordinate and cooperate for the further development of the different projects happening at the Regional Master Unit.

IMG_20150906_170502Almost as a natural consequence and continuation everybody participated in the Karma Yoga which provided further opportunity to bond together as a universal family in the spirit of the Neohumanist values.

The final workshops were on the topic of diversity in the light of neohumanism. The discussions that took place and the general uproar of benevolent enthusiasm and laughter were the most dignified conclusion for three days of communion and spiritual transformation.  All the participants voted unanimously to have the next fall retreat for Atlanta Region at the same time in the same place – Ananda Girisuta Master Unit near Asheville, North Carolina.

Seminar in Canada concluded on August 2 – 2015

The three days seminar held in SAJO near Ananda Kanak Master unit in Quebec concluded Sunday with an extended day in which margi spent time together as a family. The Master Unit located near the locality of St. Andre' Avellin in the French speaking area of Quebec - Canada offers a beautiful setting particularly in this summer time. (MORE IMAGES) 20 margi participated to the seminar which was held at the SAJO retreat center. They all enjoyed very much the collective and cooperative relationship established among all. The seminar topics were presented in three separate classes facilitated by three speakers. The presentations were followed by useful discussions and clarifications. The first topic was The Human Body is a Biological Machine presented by Acarya Diiptimananda Avadhuta who was the official trainer for this Seminar and he is in charge of Ottawa Region corresponding to the west side of Canada. The second on Mysticism and Spirituality was lead by Acarya Dayashiilananda Avadhuta who is Rector at Ananda Kanak Master Unit in Quebec. And the third topic on The Future of Civilization was facilitated by Acarya Vimaleshananda Avadhuta who is Sectorial Public Relations Seretary for New York Sector. Acarya Parinirvananda Avadhuta who is Prout Universal Chief Secretary and Avadhutika Ananda Rupadhara Acarya in quality of Girls Volunteers of the Woman Welfare Department of Ananda Marga were also partecipating to the Seminar as organzers.
The Master Unit has an extensive vegetable garden and it was possible to appreciate during the seminar the fantastic vegetarian food which created a very warm and familiar atmoshere around the table and during the meals preparation. The presence of people who were articipating for the first time to our Ananda Marga Seminar gave the opportunity to share more the basics of our spiritual practices and articularly collective meditation and kiirtan. All the programs were fully attended and the next opportunity to meet again will be given by the Prabhat Samgiita Festival which is in program in Toronto for September 13. Contact Dada Diiptimananda at 718 - 898 1603 for more detailed informations.

Sectorial Conference Berlin Sector Summer 2015

dpi7200018The news of the Sectorial Summer Conference Berlin Sector is already out via different means already. However, this is a formal way to apprise you of the event. You may please share it with your core margii circle. Thanks.

Berlin Sectorial Conference 2015 July 27 to August 2

The 2015 Summer Conference of Berlin Sector re-united us with Madhu Karuna, our Marga Guru Quarters, which has served as our sectorial conference home since 1988.

We had taken a three-year break for needed renovations, including the time to make the renovation plans, raise money and complete the work. The major improvements to Madhu Karuna included a completely new kitchen, improvements in several of the sleeping quarters, for families, single sisters and single brothers, improvements in the Dharmacakra hall, the dining hall, the garden area in the back and in the Ananda Bazaar area.
(Great thanks to Dada Aniishananda and Dada Devavratananda for leading this work and to the many volunteers who helped.)

The conference, attended by over 250 people from over 20 countries, started with a 51-hour Akhanda Kaiirtana, bringing a sense of spiritual unity to all participants, in line with the conference theme of “One Human Society”. Along with the theme, the classes and workshops included a Prout and Master Unit Symposium, a workshop on education and society building, a dharma pracar workshop and an intercultural acceptance panel discussion.

Our Central Representative, Ac. Svarupananda Avt gave all attendees a rich volume of Baba stories, explanations of Ananda Marga philosophy and ways to improve our spiritual practices. The conference ended with a Baba video and a nine hour Akhanda Kiirtana. This was followed by a two day Microvita workshop.


All through as ever Baba has been the perennial source of inspiration and encouragement to carry on this process of forward movement and incessant progress.
And finally it all ended with a blissful and unprecedented vibration as all the margii participants returned to their respective homes. Now looking forward to continue to maintain this flow with regular and new organizational activities in the field by the margiis, dadas and didis posted in the sector. With best wishes.

In Him,
Ac Shubhatmananda Avt,
SS Berlin

Summer Conference 2015 – “Sadhana” – Monday June 29th till Sunday July 5th

sadhana cardSadhana means spiritual effort. Sometimes we say “meditation” but it is not only meditation. Part of sadhana is also service. Both are meant to lead towards the spiritual goal. As long as the mind is engrossed with material pursuit or survival necessities it can’t do sadhana. And to bring the mind to bend towards the spiritual endeavor is an effort that sometimes is difficult in the normal family or work environment.

This is the reason why from time to time we wish to come together in a sanctified place where we can help each other to move on the path of bliss. Ananda Kanan is such a place in the heart of those who love spirituality. Ananda Kanan is also a beautiful place kept with love and care by the hands of those who work for its growth and maintenance. We all come as guests fulfilling the desire to be nurtured in Ananda Kanan in all the possible planes, from the spiritual to the mundane.

This miracle happens every year at the Summer Conference of Ananda Marga at Ananda Kanan. Every year in a different way the desire of the devotees is fulfilled in a blissful way. There is always some special grace waiting for those who struggle for attending this event. All apparent obstacles ultimately vanish as soon as we touch the soil of the Master Unit. So, please come, come to Ananda Kanan, the Garden of Bliss.

Come once again or for the first time. You will be coming again and again

Summer Conference Organizing Committee

Flier inner side

Flier outer side

Ananda Kanan Newsletter

Summer Conference Highlights – A class in Poetry

In Ananda Kanan Retreat and Conference Center in Missouri we had the annual Summer Conference of Ananda Marga. It was a very blissful time and it nurtured the development of original artistic expressions. Dada Muktatmananda conducted a class on poetry which helped the participants to discover more about their self and bring it out for the collective. For some participants has been a liberating experience discovering a well of inspiration that could be used as service for all. Here are the poems that got composed during the session. The theme of the poems was: “What is the most important thing in your life”.

Summer Spiritual Conference

“Spirituality in a New Era” is the theme for Summer Spiritual Conference organized by Ananda Marga, New York Sector. It’s going to be held in Ananda Kanan, a beautiful Retreat Center located in Ozarks. In the weeklong family type event, participants will enjoy pristine surroundings, inspiring spiritual activities, cultural events, and sentient food. Activities will include chanting, meditation and classes on spiritual and social topics.