New Avadhútiká in New York Sector!

We extend our congratulations and well wishes to Avadhútiká Ánanda Kalyánmitrá Ácáryá (formerly Brcii. Kusum Ácáryá) with her Avadhúta Diiksa in December 2015, at Global Camp Headquarters of Ananda Marga Pracáraka Samgha, Ranchi India. Central Avadhúta Board of AMPS was pleased to ordain her as an Avadhútiká of Shrii Shrii Ánandamurti Ji in addition to six others in her batch.  
She will continue to work as RSL Los Angeles, NY Sector with her base at Ananda Dhiira, California.




Sl# NAME OF WORKERS Designation
1 Ac. Vimalananda Avt. SS NY Sector, Land Secretary, Legal matters
2 Ac. Diiptimanananda Avt. SOS, Finance, Neohumanism, Prabhata Samgiita, EMS (Ek Manaj Samaj), Establishment, RS Boston and RS Ottawa
3 Ac. Abhiramananda Avt. SES, AMSAI, AMPES, ISMUB, Cadre Control
4 Ac. Vimaleshananda Avt. SPRS, Publications, Printing Press, Medical
5 Ac. Unmantrananda Avt. IFACE (IFACE:  Inpro, Farpro AMURT Coordinator, Economic Viability)
6 Ac. Muktatmananda Avt. Commerce, PCAP, Society Building
7 Ac. Cirananda Avt. EI1, 2, 3 (Education In-charge no.1, 2, 3), RI1, 2, 3 (Relief In-charge 1, 2, 3), Sectorial Master Units Secretary, Children Homes, MG Quarters
8 Ac. Dayashiilananda Avt. DS Montreal
9 Ac. Visnupremananda Avt. DS Nicaragua
10 Ac Vishvarupananda Avt Global AMURT Coordinator
11 Ac. Krsnabuddhyananda Avt. Supervising Ananda Kanan
12 Ac. Sarvajiitananda Avt. Supervising Guatemala and Central America
13 Ac. Ragatmananda Avt. Supervising Cuernavaca
14 Ac. Anudhyanananda Avt. HQ in Ananda Vrati
15 Ac. Jiivapremananda Avt. AMURT SD
16 Ac. Parinirvanananda Avt. Supervising Canada
17 Ac. Advayananda Avt. Supervising Dallas Unit
1 Avtk. Ananda Tapasuddha Ácáryá SWWS NY Sector
2 Avtk. An. Rupadhara Ácá. SGVS
3 Avtk. An. Tapomaya Ácá. PWSA
4 Avtk. An. Sutiirtha Ácá. Rector L, San Antonio
5 Brcii. Anudhyana Ácá. RSL Monterrey
6 Avtk. Ananda Kalyánmitrá Ácáryá RSL L.A.


Society Building and Sister Chinmayii

Society Building is a department of Ananda Marga and is directly related to the creation of “Whole Timers”(WT), “Local Full Timers” (LFT) and the celebration of “Revolutionary Marriages” (RM).

Whole Timers (WTs) dedicate their life for the betterment of society – and in turn, the society needs Whole Timers in order to foster the idealistic life of Ananda Marga.

The society also needs families that are able to lead their lives according to the Neohumanistic values of Ananda Marga. In Revolutionary Marriage, the bride and bridegroom embrace universal values and are not limited to marry a person of same economic status, race, or geographic area. Rather it is encouraged that everyone respect each others culture and background and international, inter regional marriages are common form of Revolutionary Marriage (RM.) At the time of marriage solemnization, the bride and the groom take an oath out of their own free will, accepting one another as spouses while taking responsibility of each others development in physical, psychic and spiritual realms.

Ananda Marga promotes Sam’gachadvam’, moving together to create a congenial, civil and spiritual society.  Sam’gachadvam’ is not a forced movement, society members are not compelled against their will to conform to or to follow social norms.  AM is against forced marriage, the dowry system, and marriages institutionally limited to the same caste/nationality/creed/race.  It encourages and promotes the voluntary approach to Revolutionary Marriage, where individuals from different ethic, economic, national, religious, racial and other differential categories come together in the Ananda Marga union of marriage.

Human society is one and indivisible according to Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar, founder of Ananda Marga. Whole Timers, Local Full Timers and Revolutionary Marriages work in this direction.

Ananda Marga, through its Society Building Department, facilitates marriage between willing and mutually qualified individuals.  It is similar to a matching service where the individuals are always allowed to make the final decision to marry or not to marry.

Additionally, the Society Building Department supports the creation of Ananda Marga Sannyasin, whole-timer (WT) monks (including nuns) who dedicate their all to the service of Guru:  Renouncing ties to family, to personal wealth and to the personal sentiments, and giving their all to a new role as a Universal Servant as defined by Guru.

And, the Department is influential in inspiring young people to check out and live the life of Service, Sadhana and Sacrifice in the manner of Ananda Marga through the role of Local Full-Time Worker (LFT).  LFT’s have the opportunity to support the Mission and its various departments/sections and trades, follow the WT lifestyle, do intensive meditation, and gain a better understanding of themselves and the world in need.  LFT life is a fantastic step towards the final choice of Family life, or of Whole-timer life.  After formal training sessions lasting approximately three-months, the LFT takes on a commitment to the Mission and its structure for some period, in coordination with a department/section/trade and the supervision of one or more Whole-timer Acaryas.  The term of the LFT work commitment varies from six-months to a few years, with some LFTs performing in excess of a decade.  Most former LFT’s fondly look back on their LFT experience as a valuable building-block, a gain in their lives, regardless of their final choice of the path of WT, or of family life.

It is hoped this short expose clarifies the Society Building Department roles in general, and in particular its process of facilitating healthy Revolutionary Marriages and the growth of Ananda Marga family life. The broad Ananda Marga universal family includes all – Whole Timers included, no one is excluded.  The Society Building Department seeks and supports A’nanda Parivara, the universal blissful family.

In this light we are glad to publish with all best wishes for this year 2016 the data of a Margii sister of Canadian origin. She is looking for a suitable partner in order to form an ideal family.

Baba Nam Kevalam

Sister Chinmayii, is a born margii and 28 years old now. She has got many qualities and talents; Trained as a fashion designer she has also gained great skills in graphics and web designing. When she wants something she achieves it by her own efforts. So she enjoys grace of Baba and is of smiling nature. Now she is ready for having a family. She is partially hearing impaired. She speaks French very well. Candidates interested in making a family with her may contact her father, Bro. Ramakrsna (Paris) at (33) 6 45 07 42 69. (email: )

Bio data

Name :ChinmayiiGros

Parents: Ramakrsna (French) and Susmita (Taiwanese)                         Date of Birth: August 25th, 1987

Height: 5’07”

Siblings: Elder brother Govt. Employee in Canada

  Younger Sister (Physician Neurologist),

Youngest Brother Student.

Nationality: French and Canadian

Residence: Paris and Montreal

Hobbies: volley-ball, biking, skiing, travelling, watching documentaries, reading books, Cinema, History and Art.

Education: 2003 – Graduate Diploma in Fashion design from Lasalle College (Montreal, Canada). 2002 – Bachelor in Fashion Designing and Administration from University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM, Canada).

Current Occupation: Web designer and a Multimedia graphic in Paris, France.


Chinmayii in Milan 2012

Ananda Marga Marriage Bureau

This is to inform all the Margiis and WTs of Ananda Marga that Tattvika Paras Nath Prasad of Jamshedpur (Tata Nagar) is the new coordinator of Delhi Sector of Ananda Marga Marriage Bureau. It is a part of Society Building Department of Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha.

Interested Margiis may approach /contact him for finding a suitable match for their children within Ananda Marga, on the following details.

Coordinator: Tattvika Paras Nath Prasad, Address: Duplex No. 7, Ext. Road No. 7, Satyam Enclave, Sonari, Jamshedpur 831011.

Mob: 9934306186, Res: 0657-2319030

Ananda Marga Marriage Bureau email id:

Margiis are further requested to send two Photographs(Scanned) and Biodata of the candidate (Bride & Bridegroom) on the email id as mentioned above. Refrain from sending Computer edited Photos. However, you can send the natural family Photographs or separate Photographs without any cosmetic touch of the candidate. The above mentioned email id will be operative for the time being, till a new Web Site is fully developed and becomes operational.