New York Sectorial Office

12687970_10153933089548735_4833567533846295907_nAnanda Marga Yoga and meditation classes at Queens College are continuing and students are also regularly visiting Sectorial Office for learning meditation and yoga. Akhanda Kiirtana on first Sunday of the month is continuing and is now from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. followed by sadhana and collective lunch. 
Acarya Abhiramananda Avadhuta represented Ananda Marga at a meeting held on February 5 at United Nations Headquarters in relation with the UN World Interfaith Harmony Week from February 1 – 7, 2016.

Ananda Marga representative in a conference for world Peace and Justice at United nations head quarters building, New york

The program was organized by the peace organization HWPL Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light and was aimed at joining hands together to transcend religious differences and boundaries. Dada Abhiramanandaji was interviewed by a local TV station after the event.

Stay at Sectorial Office while Visiting New York!

The New York Sectorial Office is located at 149-02 Melbourne Avenue, Flushing, NY 11367. The house is a single family home with five bedrooms, finished basement and two large living rooms. The bedroom on the ground floor is our guest room and we welcome Margiis to stay with us for a few days if they are visiting New York. The location is near Laguardia (LGA) and John F Kennedy (JFK) airports with easy bus connections to the subway system and the Long Island Railroad (goes express to Penn Station). If you would like to stay with us, please contact Dada Diiptimanananda, the Sectorial Office Secretary (SOS) to make sure guest arrangements are available when you are planning to come.
Ácárya Diiptimanánanda Avadhúta (Dada)
Sectorial Office Secretary (SOS) of Ananda Marga in New York Sector

Tour of Didi Anudhyana in Mexico

During the months of October and November Didi Anudhyana completed a tour in Mexico which touched the cities of Guadalajara, Guanajuato, Leon, Morelia and Cuernavaca.

didi anudhyana tour2

She delivered several lectures inspiring numbers of sisters and brothers to join Ananda Marga. More images are available on the facebook page Ananda Marga Mexico

didi anudhyana tour3

New York Sectorial Office extends gratitude to a special guest

Acarya Paramasukha Brahmacarii was posted this summer as Regional Secretary for London Region, Berlin Sector. He has been staying at New York Sectorial Office since September this year while processing his visa application. His visa is now ready and he has left for his posting in London. We would like to extend our gratitude for all the help he has rendered during his stay in doing service and pracar in New York as well as renovations and maintenance of our new Flushing Sectorial Office. And wish him all the best for his work in London Region.


Akhanda Kiirtana and RDS at Los Altos Hills

Akhanda Kiirtana at Lost Altos Hills is held on the morning of every first Sunday of the month starting at 9:30 a.m. until 12:30 followed by collective meditation and lunch. On December 7, around 12 Margiis and 5 Acaryas joined the kiirtana that was held after concluding RDS meetings held during December 4 and 5, 2015. The kiirtana was very lively and everyone enjoyed the day.

kiirtan final lah

Kiirtana Retreat at Ananda Girisuta (Prama Institute), Asheville, NC

Around 70 Margiis and Acaryas came together on the weekend November 20 – 22 at Ananda Girisuta for a program dedicated to Kiirtana and Sadhana (devotional mantra music and meditation). The event started afternoon Friday Nov. 20 with one hour Kiirtana followed by Dharma Cakra and a long Avarta Kiirtana after dinner. Members of the SOJA Kiirtana Team had come from Canada, Norway and USA to lead the Kiirtana during the retreat.


Saturday was the main day with Akhanda Kiirtana in the morning and afternoon and Sunday morning started with Akhanda Kiirtana followed by the Revolutionary Marriage of brother Jiivanmukta and sister Sonalii. Their relatives joined in for the wedding – some coming from far distance to attend the event. During the weekend everyone had the chance to enjoy the subtle vibrations of the Kiirtana and go deep in meditation. The quiet and beautiful environment of Ananda Girisuta contributed to the overall positive experience of the participants. Food and accommodation was taken care of by the staff of Prama and was both tasty and nurturing physical and mental health and balance. This was the second time this event was held and it will continue on annual basis.


WWD Golden Jubilee at Ananda Priiti MU in San Antonio Texas

20151101_104402Oct 31 to Nov 1 a blissful 2 day retreat was held on the occasion of WWD Golden Jubilee at Ananda Priiti Master Unit in San Antonio Texas. It was attended by Margiis from Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. We had Akanda Kiirtan both days , inspirational spiritual talks and lectures and lots of meditations and delicious foods ! Didi Sutiirtha led our group on a nice evening walk around the beautiful country roads with the beautiful twilight sky.Morning was blissful again with Akanda Kiirtan followed by more spiritual readings and completed the celebration with a delicious breakfast!  Everyone went home spiritually, physically and mentally rejuvenated thank you Baba!

House Entrance Ceremony for Sectorial Office

House Entrance Ceremony of New York Sectorial Office took place on Sunday October 4, 2015 at dawn followed by Akhanda Kiirtana. Margiis came from other cities and different parts of New York to join the celebration. RDS meetings had taken place the days before and Acaryas working in different parts of the Sector were present. Ac. Shankarananda Avt. lead the ceremony.
Everyone appreciated the facilities and location that is in a good area nearby two high schools and Queens College. The address of Sectorial Office is 149 02 Melbourne Avenue, Flushing, New York 11367-1356. Telephone 718 898 1603.

Yoga classes in the University of Morelos in Mexico

Classes of yoga and meditation are ongoing in the State University of Morelos in the  Department of Nutrition.

It is very auspicious to witness how Ananda Marga is welcome with its complete yoga life style among the university students. In the same university Ananda Marga  has been giving a 4  month course on Tantra.

Ananda Marga in Mexico has a strong presence with regular activities and service organized in the centers of Monterrey and Cuernavaca. More activities are also taking places in several other locations all over the country.