Rectory at Ananda Girisuta

The Rectory at Ananda Girisuta is now coming near completion. Recently, we completed the outside of the Rectory by painting the siding and the deck.
The first floor is completed, and brother Dharmapala has moved in. The upper floor still needs most of the finishing work. The electricity and plumbing are completed, but we will still need to connect the toilets and sinks.
Recently, Dada Diiptimanananda visited Ananda Girisuta and, together with a local handyman, finished most of the interior painting. We will install the interior doors, flooring, and kitchen cabinets in the coming weeks and months. The target is to complete the upper floor by the end of February 2023.


We are short of funds to complete this project; if you feel inspired to donate, please go ahead!

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Please address the check to Ananda Marga, Inc., and mail it to:

Ananda Marga, Inc
524 Ananda Girisuta Drive
Marshall NC 28753
United States

Painting the Rectory

The rectory seen from the driveway

Dada Diiptimanananda and Max painted the second floor of the Rectory in October 2022.