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“The meaning of the word sadvipra is “a person who is a moralist and a spiritualist and who fights against immorality”. Earning money in a sinful way or accumulating great wealth is against the fundamental principles of Prout. It will be quite impossible for people who are not following the fundamental principles of Prout to bring about shúdra (labour) revolution.”

“Sadvipras will have no rest, ever. A time will never come in the life of a sadvipra when he or she will relax in an arm chair and say, “Ah, I have nothing to do today. Let me rest awhile.” In this first phase of human history, the sadvipra society has not yet formed itself. In the absence of a sadvipra society the social cycle is moving on its natural round. In every age, the government of the predominant class becomes exploitative, and thereafter comes evolution or revolution. For lack of sadvipras’ assistance, the foundation of human society is lacking firmness. Today I extend my earnest request to all reasonable, virtuous and moral fighters that they form a good, well-disciplined sadvipra society without further delay. These sadvipras will work for the good of all countries, for the all-around emancipation of all humanity. The downtrodden humanity of this disgraced world is looking up to the eastern horizon, awaiting the sadvipras’ advent with earnest zeal and eagerness. Let the cimmerian darkness of the interlunar night disappear. Let the human being of the new day of the new sunrise wake up in the world. With these good wishes I conclude my discourse.”

– Shrii P.R Sarkar
(Human Society II, 132)

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“How to make a Bansuri”: A Spiritual Leadership Training experience

Sometimes revolutions happen by chance. But in general it is a culmination of an historical period where society looks for a solution to transitional problems. Today we are living a time of transition and it is most natural for a revolution to occur.

In this peculiar and auspicious time the determination of spiritual leaders and their training is of the utmost importance. Therefore all young people who have the courage to voice their intolerance for injustice and exploitation have to take the responsibility to train themselves and process their passions in a cooperative and well organized fashion.

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