Seminar in Denver Jagrti

The 2nd phase Seminar started on Sat. August 16 with a service program. The Margiis met at the Jagrti to prepare food for distribution. Later on, they went to the streets of Denver, and  gave sandwiches, fruits and drinking water  to about 100 homeless people.
The day after, all gathered to have the Seminar classes. 10 Margiis, 2 children  and 4 WTs attended. Brother Arun, the BP, gave the first class in the morning about Tantra and sister Mahajyoti gave the afternoon workshop on kiirtana. Both classes were very interesting and the Margiis and Acaryas got into beneficial discussions on the topics.
Ac. Abhiramananda Avt (SS NY), and Ac. Diiptimanananda Avt. (SOS) were our guests, coming from NYC. They added a lot to the philosophical discussions and to the over all inspiration. The Margiis were happy to get to know SS and SOS and invited them to come to visit again soon.
All local Margiis were very happy with the program, and are looking forward to organize the next local activity.
Didi Anudhyana.