Spiritual Ideation by Acarya Vimaleshananda Avadhuta


Recently I have been watching intensively the news and it appears that there are mounting problems all-over the world. Leaders get in to squabbles on the solutions for those problems and those fights become dangerously personal. As those leaders have or will have enormous power those sentimentally motivated fights might become a source of further wars and sufferings.

What is the way out for an entire humanity that seems to be trapped in favoring the less evil without a perspective of solution?

Spiritual Ideation is a form of fight where in spite of the odds we force ourself to see the common good and the common welfare in the name of a Supreme Progenitor.

We all come from the same Father and from the same Mother. We are indeed brothers and sisters as part of the same creation. Animals, plants and human beings are part and parcel of the same progeny. Such a spiritual ideation suppose to be present whenever and wherever we meet each other or we exchange any form of energy that we term “work”. By “working together” we might entail the foundation of having the same spiritual ideation.

Without such endeavor cooperation is just a word or a façade. Agreements fall short and decay rapidly. Marriages do not pass the test of the time and life in general becomes meaningless.

Certain expressions of culture in the world have nurtured the spiritual ideation as part of their system of education. India first since the time of Gurukula has been a spiritual inclined land. But of course spirituality is universal and cannot be confined to one land or one country.

Spiritual Ideation has some friends and some foes. Among the friends we can list of the aesthetic expressions like songs, dance and even sports.

Among the foes we can list all prejudice that discriminate among human beings, like racism, castism, nationalism. Those groups that are formed on the basis of those prejudice are the most dangerous for human progress.

Groups can be formed in a healthy society on the basis of sublime ideas. “One Human Society” is an idea of having the entire humanity related by a common thread of love and compassion.  This idea has the power to pave the way for the eradication of poverty and discrimination all over the world. Without such a universal sentiment it is not possible to remove poverty in spite of all the money that are poured into different organizations and institutions. The evil seed of interest and supremacy has to be burned through “universal love” which is a way to express the spiritual ideation.

Chanting a spiritual ideation in the form of a mantra is a very powerful weapon against immorality and any kind of fissiparous tendencies that separate people from one another. When your mind go low or when evil people try to put you down remember the Spiritual Ideation in the form of the mantra BABA NAM KEVALAM . Immediately you will feel relief. It will be like lighting a candle in a dark room. You will see the solution to all your personal problems.

Human society is made out of human being, not out of nations and international agreements. Nobody is unimportant, nobody should feel neglected or useless. Nobody should be unemployed. Every body should be guaranteed the minimum necessities for living a dignified life. Those principles are spiritual in nature and are easily understood by spiritual people.

Leaders of the world have to be spiritual in order to serve humankind. There is no alternative and time is precious. People can’t tolerate injustice and exploitation anymore. In order to save the planet we have to safe humanity first which is characterized by their human love for one another. No power is greater than love. And that love is within the reach of any human being if properly educated and nurtured. This is the common task we have and to shoulder such a responsibility is the real courage for any human being and for any leader in society.