Stuff Chilies – A Mexican Recipe by Anjali


Stuffed chilies are a Mexican dish that consists of whole pieces of chili, roasted directly in the fire or using a comal, to peel and remove the seeds easily and fill them with food. The chilies most used are fresh poblano chilies. Although some people use roasted red or green peppers. Here goes my 100% veg version. The taste is superb.

Make the substitutions you need to do, try and enjoy them. 

Stuffing: lentils and some granola.

–Cook lentils in a healthy way, that is, soak them all night, drain, add fresh water and put on the fire, boil them a couple of minutes and strain. Finally, add water, salt, laurel, etc. and cook without leaving the lentils over cooked

–Granola with amaranth, walnut or almond, dehydrated fruits, etc. Melt coconut oil and honey and add to the granola. 

Chilies or peppers preparation:

–Grill or roast the poblano peppers (immediately after roasting, put them in a bag to let them “sweat”, then remove the toasted skin and the seeds)


–Red sauce: soak half a cup of peanuts and 2 or 3 dried morita chilies or any dried chili for several hours, strain the water. Put peanuts and chilies in the blender with enough red tomatoes or with commercial tomato puree and salt. Stew in a saucepan. –White sauce: liquefy a piece or two of tofu with some water. In a pan put a little oil (I used olive oil), sauté half or 1 tablespoon of chopped ginger, and then add the liquefied tofu. 

Arrange all the preparations as in the picture. Serve warm, enjoy!!

(Main picture taken by the Author after cooking preparation. Other pictures have been selected by the Editor for reference of the different chilies types in the recipe.)

Chiles Poblano
Morita Grande