Successful Pracar in Monterrey, Monclova, and Santos, Mexico

Ac. Iishvarakrsnananda Avt., Ac. Anudhyanananda Avt., and Avtk. Ananda Sutiirtha Ac. visited Mexico for Pracar. Ac. Cirananda Avt. lives in Monterrey, Mexico, and joined them for the lectures. The programs were organized by brother Iishvara, who took LFT training two years ago with Ac. Iishvarakrsnananda Avt. There were three programs; one was in Monterrey, the second one in Santios, and the third in Monoclova. 

On the first day, around forty people came. It was a beautiful place in Monterrey City. We gave a talk there. Around twenty-five people got initiated that day. They were mostly close friends and relatives of Iishvara. 

The second program was in Santios. That was also a very nice place. Around thirty people attended, and twenty people got initiated. It was advertised as Tantric Meditation. 

The third place was in the Monoclove city museum. That was a big place, and around one hundred people came. We had to do mass initiations. Ac. Iishvarakrsnananda Avt. gave a talk, and after the talk, eighty people wanted to learn meditation – around twenty brothers and sixty sisters. The brothers brought their wives and also some other relatives. There was a long line for the sisters to get initiation from Avtk. Ananda Sutiirtha Ac.

Collective meditation during one of the classes

Monterrey Margiis and the visiting Acaryas and Dada Cirananda

The sisters lined up for getting initiation from Didi Ananda Sutiirtha

The Acaryas did the initiations outdoors in a large hallway

Dada Iishvarakrsnananda giving a talk