The Meditation Project Online Retreat in April 2023

The Meditation Project is gradually getting established with the help of Ac. Satyamitrananda Avt., Avtk. Ananda Acira Ac., Avtk. Ananda Hitaprabha Ac. and Ac. Dayashiilananda Avt. In the last six months, they had three online retreats with eighty participants. They have two new volunteers helping them with social media efforts. They had online meditation retreat on April 27th – 30th. 

In the beginner programs, people learn: how to meditate deeper, Yogic Wisdom, a deeper understanding of Mantra & Meditation, The Cakra and Spiritual Progress, a Yogic Diet for Higher Consciousness, Stages of Meditation, Yoga Classes, cooking class, and more. And not just that, we also will have a cultural evening where you can share your talents. 

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