The Emancipation of Women


Women are the mothers of society and therefore men have a duty to serve women. Men are greatly indebted to them. Hence there is no question of women having to regain their freedom from men. Rather, their struggle to rid themselves of whatever shortcomings they may have may be considered as their struggle for emancipation. To bring about the necessary rectification of these shortcomings the following should be taken into account:

Physical weakness of women: Because women are physically weaker than men, men treat women as their property. For this same reason, women cannot earn money as men do, and that is why in marriage men demand a dowry from the bride’s parents. In those societies where women do have the capacity to earn money like men, on the contrary, there is no dowry system. To eradicate the dowry system women must develop their ability to acquire economic resources. This is the only way.

Lack of education: (1) Women have many shortcomings due to a lack of education. For example, women intensely love their own children, but have less affection for their own nieces and nephews, what to speak of the children of others. (2) Because women are uneducated, they put more emphasis on caste. These ideas weaken the foundation of society.

Therefore, womankind must overcome these shortcomings in order to emancipate themselves.

22 March 1956, Jamalpur
Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar