‘Yoga and Detox Retreat’, Mexico 2018



It’s our pleasure to invite you for this special retreat in Mexico. A unique opportunity to learn how to be the master over your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. The retreat will be held in the amazing ‘Palapa Ganesh’, right by the shore with our own private beach. It’s in a very natural and private environment just 30 minutes’ drive from the international airport of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The Puerto Vallarta area has gained popularity among north Americans due to its beautiful beaches, nature, safe environment, and proximity to USA.

It’s the perfect environment for learning, rejuvenating and detoxing. Specially selected trainers will make this a one-time opportunity to learn Yoga, Naturopathy and Tantra in depth.

For this special event, we have invited Dada Dharmavedananda to be the main facilitator. Dada has a degree in naturopathy and 45 years’ experience as a naturopath and acarya. He is also the coordinator of the global network of ‘Ananda Marga Wellness Centers’. See the poster for more info.

We are looking forward to receive you in Mexico and make sure your stay will be a fabulous experience.

Email us for more info: anandamarga.mexico@gmail.com