AMURT and AMURTEL in Puerto Rico


AMURT & AMURTEL are distributing supplies to people affected by Hurricane Maria near Anasco town on the western coast of Puerto Rico. We are working in collaboration with the University of Puerto Rico (Mayaguez) and a local organization, Brigada Solidaria del Oeste.

Affected families still have the basic structure of their houses intact, but lost everything inside their homes. Hence, AMURT & AMURTEL have been providing basic supplies such as food, toiletries and solar lamps.

Many of the communities have organized communal kitchens to feed themselves as cooking gas is in short supply and their stoves were destroyed by the floods. They still need more equipment for these kitchens.

AMURT & AMURTEL will continue to support the recovery of Puerto Ricans into the foreseeable future, and still need your help to continue getting supplies such as mosquito nets, feminine products, roofing materials, solar lamps and food to the people in need.