Amurtel Relief in Mexico region


A Relief Storage Center of Amurtel in Cuernavaca was opened in the aftermath of the earthquake that affected the area south of Mexico City . In the picture are recognizable our volunteers Karuna, Prabhat and Devadiip.

Relief was given in the community of Jantetelco by distributing food and other supply for one week.

A technical evaluation of the structural damages suffered the building was also offered.

Once other organization started to provide help to Jantetelco the Amurtel Team moved to the community of Tlatempa where till today there has been continuous effort to provide necessary help.

Most of the help is offered through an health dispensary that was built  on the location.

We provided metal shelves for organizing the medical supplies.

We supplied tools for the construction of wood houses.

The relief operation is ongoing in Tlatempa.