Ananda Marga Mystical Tour, November 2016


Ananda Marga Mystical Tour in PDF for Download.

Los Angeles

Our first tour as Ananda Marga Mystical Tour took us to the West Coast of USA – California. From November 22nd to December 4th 2016, we toured Los Angeles, the Bay Area, Sacramento and Grass Valley.

Our first visit was to Gurudwara Hollywood Temple in Los Angeles, where we met with Dr Amarjiit and Mr Johal (the president of the Temple).


We had 2 classes at Yoga La Paz in Pasadena, LA.

During our visit in Los Angeles we went for several pracar activities around the city at Griffith Park, the Zoo and more.

Before leaving Los Angeles, we joined the local Dharma Cakra hosted by Ac Muktatmananda Avt.

Bay Area

Meeting with Vishal Ramani at Shri Krupa Dance Company, Cupertino

Big Event at Sri Rajarajeswari Temple in San Jose

Event organized by Ragu Das.

Meeting with Kripal Singh, president of Gurudwara Temple, in San Jose.

SS Dada Abhiramananda and Dada Anudhyananda talking with priests of Shri Krsna temple, in San Jose.

Nevada City and Penn Valley

Ananda Dhiira Master Unit has a new website and a new signboard at the entrance on the main road.

Class at Inner Path Yoga Studio, in Nevada City.

Bay Area

Presenting Ananda Marga to senior citizens at Odd Fellows Hall, in Cupertino.

Event organized by Dr. Sachin

On Saturday 3rd December, part of our team gave a demonstration at Sri Satya Narayana Swamy Devasthanam, in Milpitas. As the tour was heading towards the end and the beginning of RDS, more Acaryas (Ac Vimaleshananda Avd, Ac Sarvajiitananda Avd, Ac Parinirvanananda Avd, Ac IishvaraKrsnananda Avd) joined to promote Kiirtan, Sadhana and Ananda Marga philosophy.

Event organized by Ragu Das

Members of the Ananda Marga Mystical Tour 2016

From left: Ac Abhiramananda Avd, Ac Anudhyanananda Avd, Ac Diiptimanananda Avd, Avtk Ananda Kalyanmitra Ac, Brcii Anudhyana Ac.

The Mystical Tour has been an inspiration for many people: in 2 weeks we met more than 350 people, gave 8 initiations, visited 25 places, and met several sympathizers. The Facebook page “Ananda Marga Mystical Tour” had 350 likes and almost 5.000 people were reached; 3.700 people were engaged on Fb regarding the pracar activities.

Many thanks to Dr. Sachin and Ragu Das who organized plenty of successful programs with high attendances in the Bay Area.

We are very grateful for the inspiring events during the Ananda Marga Mystical Tour.


Avadhutika Ananda Kalyanmitra Acarya

Outreaching Stanford Community