Ananda Marga Training at Ananda Kanan – January 1st till 7th 2017


This is an invitation for all the young brothers who want to experience Ananda Marga at its core of values and discipline. Under the attentive care of two experienced monks of Ananda Marga there will be one week training after the Ananda Marga Winter Retreat .

Dada Anudhyananda and Dada Diiptimanananda will be the trainers. Both are presently engaged in the Ananda Marga Mystical Tour which is taking place along the West Coast in California. They are recognizable in the image from the left side the first and third Avadhuta. Contact them through facebook or by any other media.

You are also invited to participate at the Sisters Training in Ananda Dhiira Master Unit ( The dates will be communicated by the beginning of the year. Avtk Ananda Kalyanmitra Ac (first from the right in the picture above) and Avtk Ananda Acira Ac will be the trainers.
If interested please contact Didi Ananda Kalyanmitra at or call +1-530-615-9529

Ananda Marga Mystical Tour