Ananda Purnima Celebrations around the Sector

Ananda Purnima Celebration in Toronto Canada

Ananda Purnima Celebrations took place at various locations in New York Sector. Everywhere people were enjoying the subtle vibrations of kiirtana in the early morning, remembering the birth of Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji on May 21, 2016 at 6:07 a.m.

Toronto: (Ac. Parinirvanananda Avt.): Baba’s birthday was celebrated by singing Pra’bha’ta Samgiita, Akhanda Kiirtan, Baba’s Vanii, Kaosikii, Tandava and collective meal

Ananda Kanak MU, Quebec, Canada: We celebrated the Ananda Purnima on May 21 evening at Ananda Kanak. mehool1There were 13 participants plus 2 children. The program included 40 minutes of Prabhata Samgiita, 90 minutes of kiirtana, collective meditation, reading of the Ananda Vanii in English, French, Spanish and Hindi. mehool2Then we watched Baba’s video. It is worth mentioning that we also celebrated the first birthday of Shivam (baby son of brother Taraka and sister Jayanti). Everyone enjoyed. A substantial potluck dinner was shared in the end.

Denver: (Brahmacarinii Anudhyana Acarya): On 21 May, Baba’s Birthday, we had feeding service program. Margiis gathered to prepare sandwiches for homeless people. We got also apples and water bottles, and went downtown to distribute in the streets. Denver has many homeless people, and the situation is not good. About 100 people got benefited.

This activity has long history here in Denver, and after along break of not having it, Margiis are happy to renew this and make it monthly activity from now on.

Baba’s birthday was celebrated by 3 hours Akhanda Kiirtan. About 20 Margiis attended. Everybody were happy and inspired. It has been long time since such number of Margiis got together here.

Yesterday, 23 May, I started a meditation & spiritual philosophy classes for non Margiis. 6 new people came. I hope that with time the number will grow, and some will become Margiis. With Baba’s grace, there is a feeling of a new beginning here.

Dallas Unit (Ac. Advayananda Avt.) celebrated Ananda Purnima 2016 with Margiis gathering early morning May 21 at our Jagrti for Painca Janya, Kiirtan, collective Iishvara Pranidhana, 3-hour Akhanda Kiirtan, Dharmacakra, reading Vanii, BABA Video, Katha, prasad and collective meal, merry celebrations.

 Cuernavaca Jagrti

Ananda Purnima was celebrated with participation of 5 Margiis and Sadhana Shivir was organized.

Guatemala Jagrti Ananda Purnima celebration in Guatemala unit. 15 people attended Ac Ragatmananda Avt and Ac Sarvajiitananda Avt were present. The program consisted of Avarta Kiirtan, Ananda Vanii, Ba’ba’s Video and collective meal.

Ananda Purn’ima Celebrations in New York in Sectorial Office and WWD Office.

Warm thanks to everyone contributing to the sweetness of the Ananda Purn’ima (Baba’s Birthday) celebrations, May 21, 2016!

Some Margiis came the evening before to be able to join the early morning program that started 5 a.m. Every day at Sectorial Office starts withPainjajanya i.e. singing of Prabhata Samgiita (devotional songs composed by Shrii P. R. Sarkar), kiirtana (singing of the mantra Baba Nam Kevalam and dancing laliita marmika dance) and meditation. Ananda Purn’ima programs were no exception but after Painjajanya, kiirtana was continued until 6:07 a.m., the time that Shrii P. R. Sarkar was born on full moon day of May 21, 1921 in Jamalpur, India. Everyone present then joined collective meditation.

Akhanda Kiirtana (three hours singing of Baba Nam Kevalam) took place from7 – 10 a.m. followed by collective meditation and reading of Ananda Vanii (special message selected from the writings of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti).

Ananda Marga in New York is truly a multicultural and international community and it was amazing that among those present (34 adults and three children) the Ananda Vanii was read in around 30 languages.

After sharing of inspiring words and Baba stories by Acarya Shankarananda Avadhuta as well as others present, a festive vegetarian lunch was served along with a variety of home made cakes and other sweets.

WWD Office, New York: To celebrate Ananda Purnima in WWD Office in Queens Village, New York, we did a three hour Akhanda Kiirtan, with 15 Margiis and 5 WTs attending. Many of them had already participated in the morning program, but still wanted to continue blissful Kiirtan. We had a delicious dinner with a birthday cake and candles. A happy day!