Build a Better World – One Project at a Time


Project Management Seminar
July 8 – 10, 2018 at Ananda Kanan

In this three-day seminar, you will be exposed to the framework of
project management as well as gaining valuable skills in
fundraising and promotion of your project.

The workshop is mostly hands-on through play and group
problem-solving. You will gain practical insight to many true and
tested resources to build a better world.


  • Humanitarian Assistance – Framework and Standards, Stakeholders
  • Analysis and Participatory Approach.
  • Project Management Cycle 1 – Emphasis on Assessments
  • Project Management Cycle 2 – Building a proposal through the logical framework
  • Fundraising 1 – Making fundraising a management process
  • Fundraising 2 – Working with major gifts
  • Organizations are People: Sadvipras and leadership directions

About the Trainer:

Karl Andersson has been the international coordinator of humanitarian assistance for the AMURT Global Network since 2008. He has started and managed complex service project in Kenya, Haiti, Lebanon, Nepal and latest in Bangladesh.

For more information about those projects please visit

Price: 210 USD

The course is included free of charge in the Brothers LFT Training Course.
Please contact the Trainer before Registering as pre-approval is required before attending: