Good News – May 2018


New York Sectorial Office

Acarya Abhiramananda Avadhuta (SS NY) has established good communication with the International Peace Organization HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace and Restoration of Light) Last six months Ananda Marga has been represented in four meetings with HWPL on Long Island, Queens, and Manhattan. More than three hundred interfaith leaders, dignitaries, ambassadors, civil society, and UN delegates, have been introduced to Ananda Marga. HWPL has published the news from the events in print media, social media, in more than hundred countries. Ananda Marga was highlighted amongst the world leaders.

On April 8, 2018, prominent artist Neeta Mujumdar Ramekar organized a music and meditation program at her residence in New Jersey. During the program, 15 people learned Ananda Marga meditation.

Dr. Ramesh Pandey is one of the scientists of Ayurveda. He has been doing research for the last 40 years in the USA on Ayurvedic medicines. Ac. Diiptimanananda Avt., Ac. Sarvajiitananda Avt., and Ac. Abhiramananda Avt. have visited his Ayurveda university and research lab. It was a wonderful meeting. He was so impressed, and he understands Ananda Marga and promised that we will do work together in the field of meditation, research, and yoga. In the future, we are going to establish one research circle among the scientist in New Jersey.

Queens College:

A lot of work has been accomplished. In front of NY Sectorial Office there is a huge campus of Queens College. Ac. Abhiramananda Avt. and Ac. Diiptimanananda Avt have established a better relationship with the president of the Students Association. His name is Jap Singh. He approved the yoga and meditation club in the Queens College. The club is functional.

The Dean of Students, (Dr. John Andrejack) has been so inspired and impressed by the monks of Ananda Marga. He recommended Ananda Marga yoga and meditation to the Office of the Vice-President and Human Resources of Queens College. Doctor John has taken the lead and established a class of Ananda Marga yoga and meditation with the help of students and professors. They arranged a separate hall in a central location of the campus. Ac. Diiptimanananda Avt., Ac. Kovid Brc and Ac. Abhiramananda Avt have been giving regular class. Last six months more than 300 students and staff have been benefited.

The organization IFLC (International Festival of Language and Culture) organized a major cultural program at Queens College Auditorium and invited Ananda Marga Acaryas to participate as special guests. They presented different educative drama and music. More than 2000 participants from different cultural and national backgrounds were there. Ananda Marga was introduced to them. In the future, we plan for work together with RAWA and IFLC.

American Nepali Society has invited Ananda Marga for a family birthday celebration. More than 100 people have attended. Ananda Marga practices were introduced.

Los Altos Hills Retreat April 21 and 22, 2018

We are building good relationship last two years with Dr. Sachin, a prominent Ayurvedic doctor in the Bay Area of California. We organized a weekend retreat at Los Altos Hills with some of his students and other sympathizers. Further programs include an after-school program for children of disadvantaged families organized by a student and her mother.

April 28, 2018 LEAD and Ananda Marga Annual Program

The non-profit organization LEAD has partnered with Ananda Marga to open an after-school program at Sectorial Office. Ac. Diiptimanananda Avt. teaches yoga, meditation, and music to the children, and they also get help with their school work and take sentient snacks. On April 28, 2018, LEAD and Ananda Marga organized a luncheon inviting sympathizers and dignitaries for an introduction to the objectives of the school program.

Ac. Diiptimanananda Avt. sang a Prabhata Samgiita and Kiirtana for the people, and afterward, we introduced meditation to 100 people. Many prominent people attended the program including the previous mayor of Philadelphia City, who is now influential governor in New York City. Ananda Marga had an information table, and many people signed up for meditation and other classes at Sectorial Office.

Ananda Purnima Programs at Sectorial Office

We had very joyful Ananda Purnima celebrations with a total of 12 hours Akhanda Kiirtana in three sessions. The celebrations lasted for three days from April 28 – April 30, and we enjoyed together the kiirtana, meditation, Satsaunga, and delicious vegetarian food. Margiis came from New Jersey, Long Island, New York and nearby cities and areas.

Online Classes

Acarya Abhiramananda Avadhuta is developing online classes and has regular classes for 5 people. A good result is ensuing. He is also frequently visiting the Queens College library and teaching students meditation there.

East Coast Pracar Tour

Ac. Sarvajiitananda Avt. and Ac. Abhiramananda Avt. have been touring the East Coast of United States for the last four weeks. They did pracar in New York, Long Island, Boston, Washington DC, Ananda Vrati, and Connecticut.

They met with more than 200 people and visited 25 families.

During the tour, they visited Quinsigamond Community College in Worcester, Massachusets, and met with the Student Union president, faculty, and donated books to the library of the College. The library appreciated and confirmed the donation.

They also visited Harvard University in Boston with Tapasii and Manish. They set up a table with information about Ananda Marga. Over 200 people visited the stall.

They visited a yoga studio in Worcester. The owners of the studio were curious to invite Ananda Marga to give a class in the future.

They visited the Community Harvest Program in Worcester. We are making a good relationship and will in the future have some cooperation from them. On the 19th of May, they are organizing a harvesting festival. More than 2000 people are estimated to attend.

Visited Lions Club, Golf Club, and Churches. More than 200 people were there, and they introduced Ananda Marga meditation. We made good relation and friends.

A seminar was conducted in Washington DC.

Ac. Abhiramananda Avt. is teaching regular classes in two senior centers in New York and Ac. Diiptimanananda Avt. in one senior center. The people are getting habituated with doing meditation and yoga, and have shown improved concentration skills.

Two Baby Naming Ceremonies were conducted in Dallas. Nandita’s and Vishvatman family.

Ac. Unmantrananda Avt. (IFACE NY & Qahira Sectors)

AMURT and its local partners in Bangladesh under the auspices of the Bangladesh Ministry of Health have provided vaccinations against Diphtheria to more than 142,800 Rohingya refugee children and 30,938 children from the nearby Bangladesh host community.

In total 172,738 children have been reached with life-saving vaccines.

To maintain a child rights sensitive vaccination campaign, AMURT conducted a series of seminars for 360 volunteers and vaccinators from various organizations on child rights and its role in health-related interventions.

AMURT and its local partners in Bangladesh started a Child-Friendly Space for 165 Rohingya Refugee Children. The program is expected to grow to 550 by May end.

Ac. Advayananda Avt. (SFS-PU)

  • Free regular weekly classes on Yoga Meditation & Social Philosophy/PROUT in Dallas area colleges & universities, Addictions Recovery Center to help drug/alcohol addicts-yoga meditation for All/Poor Program
  • CWE (Contact With Elites): community activists, leaders, professionals, judges, local government representatives, social workers & directors, political activists, university staff & professors regularly when visiting Dallas area colleges, universities, & social events, demonstrations.
  • On April 25 & 27, Dada conducted two mini-Seminars to a total of 25 youths & students on spiritual & social philosophy (PROUT).
  • Two Seminars were conducted on spiritual & social philosophy (PROUT) on March 01 in Douglasville, Georgia State to African Americans. And on March 10 in Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Attended April 28, Dada attended the Dallas City Hall protests against gun violence, for more strict background checks. Dada is networking with youths, student activists, and introducing PROUT ideas.
  • Working with Senior PROUTists like Dr. Ravi Batra, Madhusudana, to disseminate PROUT ideas to all sectors of society via Universal PROUTist Federations, especially Intellectual, Youth, & Student.

Ac. Vimaleshananda Avt. (PRS NYS)

Dada Vimaleshananda publishes the online Crimson Dawn newsletter every month and maintains the websites of Ananda Marga in New York Sector. Recently, he made an App for iPhone for Ananda Marga in NY Sector. He also printed 300 postcards and 30 posters for the Ananda Kanan Summer Conference 2018.

He visited Dallas and Monterrey and inspired Margiis and did pracar. In Monterrey, during the Sunday Festival in Barrio Antiguo where the Jagrti resides, Dada and the Margiis had Nagar Kiirtan with the participation of local young people. One initiation and the participation to the Color Festival which saw more than 1.300 people doing yoga and meditation. Also, one food distribution organized by Phanindra who is regular twice every 15 days in front of two main hospitals.

Ac. Parinirva’na’nanda Avt. (AMURT Seva Dal)

Dada Parinirvanananda is actively doing pracar in the Greater Toronto Area, visiting various temples and community centers, and families. He also does mass feeding in downtown Toronto with the help of sympathizers and Margiis.

Communicating with Trinidad Embassy and some delegates of Trinidad to dissolve the problem of Ananda Marga in Trinidad. As we know that Ananda Marga is banned in Trinidad.

Ac. Dayashiilananda Avt. (DS Montréal)

Ac. Dayashiilananda Avadhuta continues pracar in University of Ottawa and Carleton University. Ananda

Marga Yoga and Meditation Clubs are popular and hundreds of students are getting benefitted.

This semester the clubs in Ottawa have been very successful with students taking an active interest in organizing the club activities and attending the programs. They have had regular yoga and meditation class, weekend workshops, organized information tables in the University and participated in charity events. Several students have established a regular meditation practice.

On April 8, we participated in a pracar program arranged by sisters at the Unity Spiritual Centre (in Ottawa). We did some kiirtan (Baba Nam Kevalam) with the public (around 40); it was well received.

Ac. Muktatmananda Avt. (SCOMS)

AMPS unit has been formed in Scottsdale Arizona. Caetanya has taken the duty of unit secretary, other members include Yudhistira, Brajesh, Mahadeva, and Cinmaya.

The Los Angeles Feeding program continues. 82 tons of food have been distributed to 3.602 people from the Los Angeles neighborhood at the Jagrti area. Plus 3.600 homeless were served with breakfast every Sunday, cooked oats, yogurt, snacks, juices, fruit, can drinks and water.

Ac. Satyamitrananda Avt. (RS Monterrey)

The first ‘Yoga Wellness Retreat’ was held in Morelia (Mexico) from 11-18 May. Thirteen persons attended the successful event guided by Dada Dharmavedananda who came all the way from the Philippines to share his knowledge on naturopathy and detox. Dada Satyamitrananda gave several lectures on yoga/tantra, and sister Narayani gave some very interesting lectures on shamanism.

Everyone got to try detox therapies such as steam bath, mud pack, spinal bath etc, and the benefits were remarkable. One diabetic student completely stopped her medicine after a few days as her blood sugar had dropped to the normal level! In fact, everyone had noticeable benefits from the detox.

Crimson Dawn – Printed Edition – Ananda Purnima 2018