Gurukula Network July 2018 Issue 46 is Now Online

Namaskar Everyone,
The July 2018 issue of Gurukula Network (46)  is now available online.   The theme of this issue is Empowering Youth for a Neohumanist Society. 
Many thanks to Ma’ya’dhiisha for all his hard work in making the conversion to electronic form.  
Thank you to everyone who sent in their articles, news and photos.  Thank you also to  Didi Ananda Advaeta for the cover design and to Lee Hamilton for copy editing.
This issue has already been printed in full color in Taiwan, and hard copies have been mailed out, thanks to Snehalata’ and her team.
Please feel free to share the newsletter link with friends and interested persons.
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Issue 46 – July 2018

Empowering Youth for a Neohumanist Society

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Topics in Neohumanism

4 – Role of Humans in a Digital World: A Neohumanist Narrative – by Dada Shambhushivananda
5 – Inequality and Technological Progress – by Dr. Edward McKenna
7 – Semal (Red Silk Cotton) Tree Conservation: A Neohumanist approach – by Dr. Vartika Jain

Conferences and Events – Recent and Upcoming

8 – Gurukula represented at the Golden Jubilee Celebrations in the Philippines
9 – Neohumanist Convention: The Era of Neohumanism – Florence, Italy
10 – An Alternate World is Possible: Ushering in the Neohumanist Era – Upcoming Conference July 2019
10 – Shrii P.R. Sarkar Centenary Celebration: Upcoming May 2021 – May 2022
11 – Leadership Matters – Upcoming Workshop November 2018 – Lotus Centre, the Netherlands
12 – Empowering Youth for a Neohumanist Society – Upcoming Global Gurukula Conference, July 2018

Empowering Youth for a Neohumanist Society

13 – STUVOL: Student Volunteers Programs
14 – Youth Leadership Training Events, Philippines – by Dada Jiitendra and Maha´rlika´ Mariano
15 – Youth Leadership Training, Taiwan – by Tang Tamminga
16 – Sustainability Solutions – Grade 6, River School, Australia – by Didi Ananda Tapomaya
17 – Council of All Creatures – Grades 2-3, River School, Australia – by Didi Ananda Tapomaya

Neohumanist Academies, Schools and Projects in Focus

19 – AMIA Ananda Marga International Academy – Singapore – by Dada Premamayananda
19 – Yoga Academy, Philippines and Neohumanist College, USA
20 – New Primary School and Teacher’s Training Center, Umanivas, India – by Didi Anandarama
21 – Annual Naturopathy Training in Cebu, Maharlika Growing and Growing – by Vasudeva Menorias
23 – Neohumanist Education: a small seed for everyone – Verona, Italy – by Alexia Martinelli
24 – The Art Shed with Alieta Belle – River School, Australia – by Didi Ananda Tapomaya
26 – Sharing the Traditions of a Country at MorningStar Preschool, USA – by MJ Glassman
27 – Village School for a Rural Community, Nepal – by Dada Kamalakantananda

Neohumanist Education Teacher Training

27 – NHE Teacher Training, Kathmandu, Nepal – Given by GANE Taiwan
28 – Education Training Camp at Astiknagar (Varddhaman), India – by Didi Anandarama
29 – Leadership Based on Spirituality – Lotus Centre, the Netherlands – by Timotheus Rammelt
32 – Sentiment and Intuition in Neohumanism: Teacher Training Workshop – by Didi Ananda Devapriya

Neohumanist Education Methods

34 – Storytelling: Interview in Indonesia with Storyteller Rutger Tamminga – by Didi Kiirti
37 – Body Space Boundaries: Early Childhood Education 3-5 Year Olds – by MahaJyoti Glassman

Service Communities – Master Units

39 – Ananda Kuvalaya Master Unit in Paraguay – by Dada Paradevananda
39 – Master Units in Vietnam, Philippines and USA
40 – Ánanda Náráyana – Master Unit in Córdoba, Argentina – by Kuntur Deva

Global News

42 – New York, Berlin, Hong Kong, Manila, Delhi and Georgetown Sectors

New Publications

47 – Compendium of Indian Folk Medicine and Ethnobotany 
47 – Remember the Sun Will Shine – Neohumanist Song CD

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