Health Conferences


As you know, health and happiness are vital components of our life. 

By the blessing of Baba, the Sector, with the help of Dadas and Didis and several doctors and scientists throughout the Sector, organized regular online health conferences to educate the Margii society and public in general. They were successful programs. 

In 2021, more than thirty presenters, doctors, scientists, and Acaryas presented their research and thoughts regarding subjects such as mind, body, psychology, biology, and different organs such as heart, brain, liver, neurons, nervous system, eliminating toxins through detoxing, memory and mind. These are some of the topics they covered to educate and equip people to face the challenges, have a better conceptual understanding, and become mentally strong. They also talked about spirituality, Sadhana, meditation, and emotional health. In this way, the Sector has served thousands of people online throughout the year. These health conferences were popular, attracted new people, and strengthened the Margii society. Nowadays, numbers of Sectors and units have been replicating our ideas to organize online programs. New York Sector is the pioneer in giving research understanding through health conferences – this is the boon and blessing of Baba. 

I am very thankful to the doctors and scientists that have cooperated to who their unique ideas to save millions of lives throughout the world by ideas without any fee. 

The presenters focused on Ayurveda and natural remedies, based on what Shrii Shrii Anandamurti has given to humanity. They taught yoga, meditation, herbal plants, mudras, food habits, other healthy living tips, and a yogic lifestyle. Nowadays, people have been following the natural remedies given by Shrii Shri Anandamurti. We will be making the video recordings available on our website soon.

You are welcome to join the future health programs for better health.