Houston Unit Activities


Prabhat Samgiita celebration in Houston in the house of 
Mayank and Smita Lal. In the picture below right Dada Anudhyanananda teaches meditation to the children.

Free Yoga And Meditation Classes by Brother Nityananda every Saturday at Cypresswood Lake Clubhouse.

Cypresswood Lakes HOA Board of Directors approved us to conduct free yoga and meditation classes only for subdivision residents done at the Pool House. Nityananda started classes in September. It includes children starting from 7 years old and above. It is an open area so during inclement /cold weather classes are held at Nityananda’s.

Halloween Program Sponsored by Houston Margiis at the Children’s Center,  Galveston, Tx

Houston Margiis organized the program and provided food, costumes, games, dancing and singing for about 45 kids, also around 15 adults that are temporarily housed in the shelter. The children enjoyed the games and everyone had fun especially doing simple yoga postures incorporated in some games.

The Children’s Center provides temporary shelter  not only for abandoned, abused  children  but also women /mothers  victims of abuse as well as families that lost their homes from flood, fire etc 
Anjali and Nityananda had been working with them since Hurricane Harvey representing AMURT/AMURTEL. They provided donations at that time for the flood victims sheltered there and since then they continued service by cooking and hosting vegetarian dinners and organizing programs for the children.