Lentil sprouts pate


A recipe by Anjali

This recipe is among my favorites, it is very easy to make, it is super nutritious, energetic and delicious. I know quite a few people who love it.

You only need germinated lentils that you can cultivate very fast, it takes about 2-3 days, tomato puree, peanuts or pumpkin seeds or cashews (it can be one of them or all 3, it is up to you). Dry chiles like chipotle or morita or any other dry chile you find –this ingredient is essential. Some herbs such as coriander and mint, a bit of lemon and a some smoked salt or sea salt. Olive oil.

Soak for several hours the nuts (peanuts, seeds, cashews) together with the dried chiles in pieces. Drain the water and remove the seeds of the chilies. Put all the ingredients in a food processor or in a blender. Serve the pate in a bowl, it can be accompanied with vegetables (veggie straws) or with intregral bread and crackers. You may want to add over some more olive oil. It is superb!