Meditation Retreat at Ananda Girisuta, March 1 – 3, 2019


A Meditation Retreat was successfully conducted on March 1 – 3, 2019 at Ananda Girisuta Master Unit. The retreat was followed by ACB Meetings, RDS and SEC Meetings. The retreat was attended by a total of more than thirty Margiis. The retreat was also a seminar, and all the seminar classes were covered and seminar duty allotted to Margiis and Whole Timers. Dada Iishvarakrsnananda gave an inspiring seminar class on the topic “The Invocation of the Supreme” by Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji, and Dada Diiptimanananda gave seminar classes on the topics “Some Aspects of our Socio-economic System,” and “The Faculty of Knowledge.” The seminar classes were interesting and had a lively discussion.
We also had Akhanda Kiirtana every day, and on Sunday the local Margiis joined us for the First Sunday Kiirtana.

Ananda Girisuta Master Unit is located in the Blue Ridge mountains close to Asheville in North Carolina. It is located on a scenic forested hilly land and has beautiful fully equipped retreat facilities and meditation hall where sixty to seventy people can attend programs. The location is ideal for retreats, meditation and nature walks with many trails in the forest. There is a good number of Margiis living nearby the Master Unit and once in a year, we have a Sectorial Retreat there in March preceding our RDS meetings.