Monterrey Retreat, September 16 to 18, 2022


By His grace, we could conduct our retreat in Monterrey from 16 to 18 September 2022. Every year, we do the retreat in September during the week of the Mexican Independence celebration. But unfortunately last two years (2020 & 2021), due to the Pandemic, we couldn’t do it. It was essential to do the retreat to educate & inspire the Mexican Margiis.

Finally, we decided to do it this year, but we still had some difficulties organizing the retreat. Because since March 2022, especially in this Nuevo Leon State, the Government decided to cut off the water supply for a day a week due to the water crisis; in some other parts of the state, even 2-4 days a week, as there was no water. But by Baba’s Grace in our Colony, we almost had water except for very few days in the last few months.

However, after deciding on the retreat date, I informed our Acaryas & Margii brothers & sisters to come and participate in our Monterrey  Retreat. 

This year, Ac. Iishvarakrsnanda Avt. & Ac. Anudhyanananda Avt. both came from the USA a week before the retreat, and they utilized their time to do pracar and inspired a few new people to come to the retreat. Dada Iishvarakrsnananda gave all the classes in the retreat, and the Margiis were very happy to listen to him.  

As usual, Ac. Ragatmananda Avt. also came from Cuervanaca.  I remember that he is the only Acarya who has never missed our Monterrey Retreat since 2009 – even if he lives 16 hours away from Monterrey. Dada Ragatmananda also always inspires the Margiis by playing guitar, sitar & singing the Kiirtan, which Margiis also enjoy.

So due to the help of our Dadas and Margiis, we had a very nice & inspiring retreat, and all were very happy to participate. 



Dada Cirananda

Acarya Iishvarakrsnananda Avadhuta giving class during the retreat at Monterrey Jagrti in Mexico

Dharma Cakra


Collective meal during the retreat

Dharma Shastra during Dharma Cakra